As we head into the final weeks of this year, I’d like to share a few thoughts as I’m very excited about 2018.

We have been working behind-the-scenes to improve our communication methods and frequency with you in numerous ways. We want to stay in touch with you on a more regular basis. Two areas we have been investing time in are our website and our Facebook page.

We have recently given our website ( a new look. We will be adding new content more frequently next year, particularly under the Resources page. I hope you will find this new content helpful as it is published. I encourage you to explore the new look of the website and let me know your thoughts.

We also have a Facebook page ( that is updated daily. Please “Like” our page and stay connected to me, the team, and our thoughts on happenings, events and daily life.

As we celebrate Christmas, we at Riverbend are reminded of how blessed we are by the gifts you continue to give us of your business, your friendship, and your trust. These gifts that you give are irreplaceable and priceless. Thank you.

Merry Christmas! May 2018 be filled with abundant blessings for you and your family.