Christmas is a time of magic and angelic presence. I have always felt that there has been something or someone looking over me. Christmas is also a time of giving and sharing, and a time to open your heart to those less fortunate. I am hopeful, this season, that my book will reach the people who need inspiration.,
Many people, in response to my book, have been able to regain their hope and inspiration to overcome a challenge in their own life. I recently received a note from a friend who came to one of my book signings. He said that he has never had to respond to adversity in the way that most people have. And then he said, "If that day comes for me, I will have the memory of how you and your Mom responded and fought to reclaim your life on your terms, to help guide my way."
This Christmas, I hope that my book and my story will be my gift to you and your family, and I hope it will help you find your way through all walks of your life.
Merry Christmas!!
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

- Jennifer

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