To you this   
 Christmas season  
and always.   

From our   
 Niños de la Luz Family   


We, here at Niños de La Luz, want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! As we look forward to celebrating the birth of the Messiah and our savior Jesus Christ we can't help but feel expectant for what He will do this next year. 

South Sudan
So much has gone on this last year... actually so much is going on right now as I write this letter!
Out of three countries that we are currently present in, two are very difficult places to do ministry with political unrest, food shortages, insecurity, violence and crime, but despite all that is going on politically and economically, we see God present in the lives of our boys. 


On my last trip to Venezuela, I was struck by the laughter, gratefulness and joy that I saw and felt from the kids. They are being given the chance to be children in a safe and loving environment. Despite living in the midst of craziness and suffering and being literally at the bottom of the list of priorities to their governments, our Heavenly Father cares for them and we are thankful that He has seen us worthy to be a part of what He is doing.   

Dominican Republic
We are thankful for all of you that play a huge part in praying, giving and serving in this ministry and for taking part in reaching these kids with the hope and the love of Jesus.

So, while we prepare for this celebration with gifts, food and family, we look forward to what He is going to do this next year.
God bless !


Niños de la Luz
P.O. Box 7686
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624