The Sanchez family wishes you and yours a very, merry Christmas!
God, in his infinite wisdom and sovereignty, chose to nearly double the fellowship I pastor, Community Church of the Hills, during this season of Covid. Not only that, but our church was so faithful in their generosity that we were able to hire our first Pastor of Women. Yes, during a pandemic! The only thing I contributed to this miraculous growth is this: I didn’t quit.
Only our Lord Jesus Christ can get the credit and glory for what he is doing in this congreagation and I’m so grateful.

For those who were wondering about the sale of my home: I get to stay. Yes, after 88 showings, (the number 8 is symbolic of Jesus and I got two of them), I figured God wanted me to remain. And I'm so thankful.
My awesome daughters are on their own in college: DD is graduating from Baylor in May, then going on to post-grad work, preparing to be a university professor.

Laurel is a sophomore at Texas State University readying herself for the fashion industry.

Me? I plan on dying in Johnson City, Texas, in the service of my church and community.

There's lots more, but you get the picture: God is good, faithful, trustworthy and true. Serve him and love him with all your heart, soul, mind and know the rest. I love y'all!
I met a man whose uncle wrote the original Christmas standard, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” He got saved in 1977, then later on wrote a Christian adaptation of the song which is very good. I posted the lyrics below.
Have yourself a blessed little Christmas
Christ the King is born
Let your voices ring upon this happy morn

Have yourself a blessed little Christmas
Serenade the earth
Tell the world we celebrate the Savior’s birth

Let us gather to sing to Him and to bring to Him our praise
Son of God is a gift to all
To the end of all our days

Sing hosannas, hymns, and hallelujahs
As to Him we bow
Make the music mighty as the heavens allow
And have yourself a blessed little Christmas
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