Holiday Greetings from Leslie Janca, CEO
I love the holiday season around The Georgetown Project! The giving spirit of Georgetown shines brightly, as so many people open their hearts to those in need. Thank you for opening your heart to our kids and their families. We are grateful for the big and small ways you made a difference for our organization in 2021. Because you supported our work, almost 6,000 youth, parents, childcare providers, community partners and others benefited from over 25,000 individual services. In many ways, because of the impact of Covid-19 on families, this has been a recovery year for youth in our programs. We stayed focused on providing safe, empowering spaces to build Relationships, Resilience and Reconnection to community. 

While we reflect on the many blessings of the year behind us, I am excited for the great work ahead of us. In 2022, we will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Georgetown Project. I hope you will consider a donation this holiday season. We need your support to assure that children and youth remain high priority in our community for the next 25 years. 

Also, please notice the program highlights report below, along with a special poem written by Kayla, a special young lady served through our NEST Empowerment Center. 

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Relationships - Resilience - Reconnecting
As you know, Covid-19 disrupted daily life in many ways, bringing significant challenges for youth and families. We see the aftereffects on kids every day in our programs, and 2021 has been a recovery year for local youth. They are dealing with everything from getting academics back on track, to unstable living conditions, to processing the death of a loved one. 

In each and every program space and interaction this year, we have prioritized Relationships, Resilience and Reconnecting to community.  

We were able to stay nimble, adapting programs and partnerships without compromising quality. Your support has helped us to provide the safe environment and consistent relationships with caring adults that enable kids to develop resilience. 
by Kayla Moore

The past year I’ve had opportunities
to grow
to learn
to breathe
to heal
I had a newfound freedom
and a chance to be independent on a level
that I had never known
I took responsibility of myself and my home
took time to clean and mend me and my environment
learned what it meant to help myself
and learned what I really and truly needed
versus what I desired and what others expected of me
Whatever goals I completed
I celebrated in comfort
Whatever worries or fears I faced
I cried in solitude
But that is what I needed
my own space to process feelings
I took my first steps as an adult
with the guidance of my community
to help me along the way
I am grateful
I am thankful
I am blessed
to have had this opportunity
Thank you for helping me
to grow
to learn
to breathe
and to heal
Kayla attended our NEST Empowerment Center for at-risk GISD high school students all four years of high school, graduating in 2020 from East View High School. She then transitioned to our Post-Secondary Education & Supportive Housing initiative following high school while pursuing a Welding certification and working a part-time job. Safe, stable housing, coupled with consistent caring relationships built over time with our staff, allowed Kayla to focus on herself for once in her life, and move toward the bright future she envisioned. 
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Our Vision:
A community where no child is hungry, hurt, alone or rejected, and where all children and youth believe they are loved, respected and treated with dignity.