from Brent & Lin Miller


Lin and I wish you all the best for this holiday season, and our hope and prayers go out to you for a prosperous new year. May 2012 bring you joy and peace.

From our house to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May God bless you richly.

And now, a brief Christmas letter ... digital style.
The Miller Christmas e-Letter

It all started on New Year's Day, 2011. Wait a minute ... let's not get that detailed. We wouldn't want to bore you ... too much.

So, here it is in bullet form:
  • The month of May was the highlight of the year for us. Lin attended the Husqvarna Viking convention in Reno and I caught up with her there on the last day. Then we boarded the California Zephyr Amtrak train, railed through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and down into the San Francisco Bay area where we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! The weather was perfect. The food was fantastic, and the San Francisco Trolley Car ride was exceptional. We stayed in the Fisherman's Wharf district four nights before grabbing a shuttle to the airport and a flight home.
Sojourn Chronicles Special Report
Lin and Brent at the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Lin and Brenda's store, Sew Creative Threads, has taken off! They celebrated one year in business in November, and are becoming the place to shop for sewing in Northern Indiana.  One of their milestones was bringing in their friend, mentor and nationally known instructor, Sue Hausmann, host of PBS' America Sews! Lin and Brenda have more events planned for 2012 with another sewing retreat planned for March.  
Sojourn Chronicles Special Report
Lin, Sue and Brenda
  • I traveled to Arizona in April to attend the Overland Expo 2011, where I met up with 300 of my newest friends camping in the desert. It was hot and dusty. Afterwards, I drove up to Phoenix to visit mom. I plan to attend OVEX 2012 in Flagstaff in May, hopefully on the motorcycle. 
Sojourn Chronicles Special Report
Camping in the desert at Overland Expo 2011 south of Tucson, Arizona.
  • We installed additional landscaping around the house--quite a project since we had to bring in about 32 yards of dirt for fill! It looks nice.
  • I managed to get in two long motorcycle tours. The first was to meet up with fellow motorcycle campers in Michigan--a 1,000-mile round trip. The second was meeting up with friends in the wilderness in Colorado for a couple of nights of camping. It was a 3,000-mile ride in seven days! I'm going back on the bike in 2012. In all, I rode about 10,000 miles during 2011--another year of more miles motorcycling than driving the Honda!
  • November found us looking to replace our 1997 Honda Accord with 200,000 miles on it. When the research and paperwork was done, we drove home a 2011 Toyota Prius. It's quiet. Gets 50 mpg. Lin is driving it.

That's our year in review in a nutshell. We've left out all the gory and scary details, and names to protect the innocent.


We hope to catch up with you in 2012. 


Peace and love,

Brent & Lin