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Looking back at 2012...
This photo was taken in April during our fabulous family trip to Japan.  We (actually, I, Junko) want to update you on some of our highlights for 2012...

Photo by Todd Schwartz, our brother-in-law.
Meg is now a 7th grader in middle school.  She continues to dance at West Coast and plays the viola in the school orchestra. 

She has begun creating beauty guru videos with great makeup tips for middle schoolers.  If you would like to take a look at one such video, click on



Meg has a brand new camera to work with, and she is often seen taking fun photos to post on instagram.  She made a quick
PR video for my newly-released DVD.  Would you believe she did my hair and makeup, shot the video, then edited it to post on YouTube?  Her skills could actually pay her way through college! She continues to pursue beauty and shares her talents generously with her friends.


Josh is now a freshman in high school!

He is marching in the award-winning Entertainment Corp at his high school, playing the trumpet just like his dad used to.  He even marched in the Disneyland parade this month.  His voice is deepening, and he has surpassed Mom in height by several inches. 

In May, we pulled Josh out of his 8th grade classes for 4 days to travel to the Dominican Republican with me on an unforgettable trip with World Vision.  We got to meet our sponsored child, Francis, who is the same age as Josh.  They became fast friends as they played baseball together! I think Josh's already-tender heart was broken by all the poverty he saw in Dominican.

David completed his 22nd year as a Family Physician and the Family Medicine Residency Assistant Program Director in Orange County.  He was once again named a Physician of Excellence by Orange Coast magazine, and he got a midlife crisis car: a BMW convertible. 

We went to summer camp as usual this year at Mt. Hermon, but for the first time ever, both of our kids went off to their separate youth camps, leaving David and me alone at main camp for a full week.  At first, we didn't know what to do or what to talk about, but we quickly got used to it and enjoyed our time alone...with about 700 other campers.  Can you believe we are approaching our silver wedding anniversary in a few months?  Time flies when you're having fun!
Sushi had an uneventful year, spending lots of quality time at the Pet Complex getting his teeth cleaned every month and getting groomed or being boarded while his owners left him to travel to exotic places such as Hawaii and Tokyo. 

Uneventful, that is, until he got stung one day by a bee and went into anaphylactic shock in November.  He almost died!  Fortunately, he recovered on his own but still got a shot of antihistamine at the vet.  For more on this story, check out Mom's blog.
Exploring petroglyphs in Hawaii.
Here, it says www.junko.com.
That brings it back to me, the mom.  I had a very adventurous year traveling to Hawaii, Japan, and even Indonesia with my music.  I'm also back on the Saddleback worship team, singing regularly in the main worship center with Pastor Rick Warren.

Thanks to a kind financial gift and participation from several church groups, I was able to release a new live-concert DVD for kids.  I also started blogging about motherhood at www.pandamomconfessions.com and had several of my posts get featured at a premier women's blogging site, www.blogher.com.  I also began the process of becoming a certified vocal coach with the Seth Riggs/Speech Level Singing method and have started teaching several vocal students, mostly pre-teen and teenage kids.  

Video shoot with friends
Now that the kids are more independent, I'm back focusing on my music more than I have in the past decade.  I am trying to live out each day with a sense of adventure, awe, and appreciation for all that the Lord has given us.
Well, that's pretty much a quick rundown on our 2012.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and the very best year in 2013.  Please stay in touch!

David, Junko, Josh, Meg, and Sushi Cheng

And now... Luke 2:15-17


15 Den da angel guys wen go way from dem an go back by God inside da sky. Da sheep farmas tell each odda, "Eh brahs, we go Betlehem fo see dis ting dat wen happen, dat da Boss Up Dea Inside Da Sky wen tell us."  


16 So dey run an find Mary an Joseph, an da baby stay dea, lying down inside one ting fo hold da cows food.

17 Wen dey see da baby, dey tell everybody wat da angel guys wen say bout dis boy.