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Featuring: The Best Technology of 2019
DGST Series Pneumatic Mini-Slide
Precise and Powerful

The DGST mini slide is extremely compact, with what the company says is the smallest footprint on the market. 

The DGST slide and yoke are manufactured as a single component, rather than two pieces joined together, thus ensuring very high rigidity and perpendicularity.

  • Seven sizes from 6 to 25
  • Stroke lengths from 10 mm to 200 mm
  • Extremely compact slide drive
  • Low-torsion and no misalignment

PLCnext Control Technology
Open and Innovative Automation Platform

PLCnext Control devices are the first PLCs for the open PLCnext Technology automation platform. They enable the realization of automation projects without the limitations of proprietary systems. You can connect to the Proficloud directly, and integrate cloud services individually.

  • Connected coworking allows for multiple developers
  • Unlimited adaptability with open-source software and apps
  • Intelligent networking cloud connection
  • Variety of functional inline I/O adapters

Collaborative Robot
Built to do More!

The new UR16e is built to expand the applications cobots can solve with an impressive 16 kg of payload that addresses a wide range of heavy-duty tasks.

UR16e combines the high payload with a reach of 900 mm and pose repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm making it ideal for automating tasks such as heavy-duty material handling, heavy-part handling, and machine tending.
1.      Easy Programming
2.      Fast Setup
3.      Flexible Automation
4.      Collaborative and Safe

piCOBOT Works with Any Collaborative Robots
Vacuum End-of-Arm-Tool

Piab’s cleverly designed vacuum operated  end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) piCOBOT®   is now available with a generic electrical interface as well as several options for mechanical mounting plate dimensions in accordance with the ISO 9409-1 standard, enabling it to be configured to work with any collaborative robot and smaller industrial robots.

  • Certified Universal Robots compatibility
  • Highly efficient COAX® vacuum technology
  •  Plug-and-play extensions to cobots ensures safe human-robot interaction
Compact IP67 Safety Solutions
I/O Modules for PROFIsafe and CIP Safety

Turck’s  hybrid safety block I/O modules combine standard and safety inputs/outputs in a single device. This enables the IP65/IP67/IP69K hybrid modules to be adapted flexibly to the actual signal requirements of your machine.

The modules can operate with external safety PLCs or also as a standalone remote safety controller.

Easy installation and startup with graphical configuration software, web server for simple diagnostics and integrated Ethernet switch.

Mitsubishi Pak/iQ
Boost intelligence of smart packaging machines

Introducing Pak/iQ , a comprehensive portfolio of packaging products designed to improve the performance and lower the total cost of deploying smart packaging machines.

The foundation of Pak/iQ is Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ platform modular programmable automation controller This portfolio of value-add solutions include pre-configured diagnostic and maintenance screens, pre-configured operator screens and a pre-engineered application code library for faster designs.

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