DEC. 2022

Away in a manger...

There's so much to love about Christmas. Whether it's the miraculous story of Jesus' birth or the cherished time we spend with family and friends, this is truly a blessed time of year. Thank you for being a member of our BEMRE family.

Yours in faith,

Sharon Lindy, PT

I would like to personally invite you to my house January 7 for a day of Bemer... We'll start with a meet and greet and breakfast (breakfast taco's - build your own or omelet). We will then have a short discussion of usage of the Bemer Human and Equine and answer any questions you may have. We will then tune in to the corporate Zoom Meeting. We will then cuss and discuss the details and work on inspiration for your Bemer Business --- For your Health first and for your Wealth! BEMER!!!

And Lunch will be in there where it fits... Sandwich and Salad bar...

For those too far away - there will be a zoom link for the corporate meeting to follow...

January New Product kick off in Florida - yes I"m going and yes - I'll share when I get back... The FDA is delaying the release in the US but the rest of the world will get it in February... We get it in July.... But the good news is we get our current price till then! Come learn how to sell the heck out of This excellent deal! When we when through the last FDA kurfluffle and only had the go unit to sell at $3990 - many people refused to sell it because it didn't have everything - I sold the heck out of them because I knew the product was amazing and the price was the best it gets! cheaper than buying the box by itself! And here we are at almost the same price... Add the b-body. It's an Excellent time for people to get the health benefits of BEMER. Will the new product be better? Fancier and with the light is the reality - same great signal - same great results - significantly more expensive...



Goal Setting Training


BEMER Saturday

Bring your prospects


Christmas may it be blessed!


New Years - Resolutions made better by today's training

Jan 7th

Meeting at Sharon's in Valley View for National Kick off

Please Respond with the following:

Looking to assist people who want to grow your business - looking not to bother you if you are not ready...

Stay in touch - Please respond with a note explaining: That way I know how best I can help...

#1 - YES - I'm all in - I want to grow my business and commit to doing the work -

Help Inspire Me

#2 - Yes - I'm interested but I'm so busy - I don't know where to start

Help guide ME

#3 - yes - I want to but am unsure what to do and prefer to stay in the shadows

Wait for Me - I'll eventually bloom

#4 - Maybe - but not right now - but include me

#5 - On the fence - really just bought it for me

Second part of response:

I get the following in my e-mail:

#1 - My BEMER mail is forwarded to my regular mail

#2 - I get the emails from George weekly/monthly

#3 - I get the emails from RD weekly/monthly

#4 - I get the corporate Texting service

Hope to see you in January

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Years!

Sharon Lindy

1100 Oak Hill Road

Valley View, Tx 76272