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Christmas Services for 2020
Christmas Eve - 7 p.m.
Christmas Day - 10 a.m.

Dear St Luke’s Family,

At the end of Jesus ministry on earth when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, it was the equivalent of walking the red carpet at the Oscars. He was at movie star status. Except, in this case, the red carpet was made of palm fronds spread out for Him to walk on. 
Palm fronds were a sign of respect and adoration, but also insurrection. The Jewish people had been waiting for the Messiah, their promised deliverer who would save them from oppression (Isaiah 9:6-7). They looked to Jesus to be their liberator and future king. 
But in a few short days, all of those hopes would be dashed. Fair weather fans of Jesus would scatter. Jesus came to die for the sins of the world, to liberate us in ways God’s people were not expecting. 
We read about Palm Sunday with the benefit of hindsight. We know the kingdom Jesus established was an eternal one, not an earthly one. Yet, we still find ourselves in the same place as those who were confused when Jesus didn’t live up to their expectations.
The same thing is true on Christmas. Jesus didn’t meet any of our expectations or assumptions about the coming Messiah. And yet He was born to be; King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, etc. Hopefully by now we know and recognized that when we least expect it, God shows up and exceeds our expectations because He had a plan in place all along.
Each of us will walk through life with expectations for God. And while God does wonderful things for us, His plans don’t necessarily follow our expectations. In these times, we must decide whether we are faithful followers or fair-weather fans.
Are we willing to trust God and His plans for our lives — even when things don’t look like we thought they would? 
Who would have thought He was going to be:
·      Born in a stable
·      Born to a Virgin girl from a small town in Israel
·      Worshipped by angels, shepherds and Wisemen
·      The fulfillment of hundreds of years of prophecy
Let’s set our expectations aside and live a life of expectancy where we are anticipating a move of God that is awe-inspiring and joy-filling. May His awe and joy fill you again this Christmas!

The church offices will be closed
Dec 24-January 3rd.
For emergencies, please use the On-Call number 330-665-2229.
Many of you have been very diligent with your tithes and offerings to St. Luke's. Although this has been a year of tremendous concern, your generosity has allowed the church to remain financially stable. However, we do rely on a larger than usual December offering and we have not seen that yet. We would like to be able to finish 2020 at or above our projected income to have a solid foundation to start the new year. Would you consider an additional gift before the 31st to help us meet our goal? Please postmark any donation or drop off at the church by the 31st to have it count for 2020. Thank you for giving to the Lord.
Dec Offering:$22,959
Needed monthly: $40,000
YTD Offering: $456,655
YTD Budget: $473,548

Baskets are provided in the front and back of the sanctuary for your offering on Sunday morning.
End of the year giving must be received or postmarked by December 31st to be counted
for 2020 giving. Contribution statements will be available at the church beginning January 17th. Any not picked up by the 24th will be mailed. If you'd like yours mailed sooner, please contact the office. If you'd like a record of your giving before the end of the year so you know where you stand, please contact Kathy at the office.

We are continually grateful for your amazing generosity, especially during this challenging year and pray
for each of you each week.

Several of you watching the live stream from home have requested Communion sacraments so you can participate with us in communion from home. This is possible with proper handling and disposal. If you are interested in learning more, contact Jim Fulton in the office and arrange pickup or delivery for those who are shut in and can't travel.

St. Luke's receives 4 cents per pound for the clothing we collect.
The Clothing Shed is Open Again!
All the clothes you've been stashing in the corner of your spare room can now be brought to the Clothing Shed at the back of the church parking lot. With many of the thrift stores not accepting donations or having limited hours, it's a great place to donate gently used clothing and you'll be helping those in need, too!

Please ties the clothes into a trash bag and put in the slot to keep them safe and dry.
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For more information,
please contact Jane Roberts

Ways to Give to St. Luke's

  • Mail checks to St. Luke's Church 3810 Ridgewood Rd Copley, OH 44321

  • PayPal -send to
  • St. Luke's Website - - in the upper right corner, click on the button that says, "Give." You can fill out the form with a credit card/debit card or bank routing and account number. You will receive a receipt by email. This can be set up as recurring if you choose.
  • Your Own Bank - send a payment through your own bank account's bill pay on the bank website. The church will receive a paper check in the mail. This can be set up as recurring if you choose.
  • Drop off into the church mailbox if you're driving by.

Prayer for St. Luke's
Pray for wisdom and discernment for the Standing Committee of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes.

Pray for those who are affected by the virus, the healthcare workers and our leaders who have to make difficult decisions.
Pray for the division of our country and that we, as Christians may be united and may shine as a light to those who are in darkness.

Hospital and Shut In Ministry

Call the church office when you or a loved one will be in the hospital or would like a visit from the Clergy or a member of our Lay Eucharistic Visiting Team. 
They would be glad to visit, pray and offer communion when requested.

Our Priest on call emergency phone#
St. Luke's On-Line Directory
  You download the church directory on your phone or tablet.   
 Click here for Instant Church Directory then click on "Church Member Sign-In." You'll need to create a log in with the email that's in the directory.  
For corrections to the directory please contact Kathy Wilhelm

Prayer Texts

Contact the church office if you would like a prayer request sent out to the St. Luke's family. If the request is for someone other than yourself, we must have their permission before we publish it.
After office hours, email Kathy.

We reserves the right to edit or deny requests for the prayer text to prevent the violation of privacy. Thank you for your understanding. 
Inner Healing Prayer ministers to
body, soul and spirit. 
If you would like prayer or have any questions, contact
If you would like to be involved in this 
vital ministry to the body of St. Luke's and also to our visitors, please see David Springer for more information.
Please have all ministry information for the newsletter to the church office by Wednesday before noon to be included in the weekly newsletter. Thank you!
Click here for email or call 330-665-2227.

Senior Pastor
Dan Morgan
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Prayer Team:

Days before 5:00 pm
Patsy Bowen

Evening 6:00 pm -11:00 pm
Nanci Kulchar

24 Hours
Dorothy Presson
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Office hours:
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St Luke's parish is a part of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes under the leadership of
The ADGL Standing Committee and Temporary Bishop
Grant LeMarquand

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