The Smith Clinic .................................................................................. December 2019
Dear Friends,

We have had another great year at The Smith Clinic! We want to say "Thank you!" to all of our patients, fitness members and their families for allowing us to serve and help heal you in 2019. 

​We wish you a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year, and if you need us in 2020, please remember you have a choice...we hope you will allow us to serve you again!


Michael Smith
9 Ways To Have A Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season is notoriously a time to indulge, but don’t let this be the green light to overindulge! You can still enjoy all the festivities and get through the season without too much impact on your health and waistline. Try the following 9 tips for a healthier holiday season!

Don’t Sit Down All Day
We know every Christmas special under the sun will be showing on the TV, but you don’t need to camp out on the sofa all day! The more activity, the better, so take along any new outdoor gifts, like bikes, scooters, footballs or frisbees to maximize movement.

Don’t Stuff Yourself
Recent research suggests that we consume around 3,000 calories in our  Christmas dinner  – more than the entire recommended daily intake for a grown man! This not only contributes to weight gain but also to indigestion and heartburn – not to mention lethargy for the rest of the day, reducing the chances of you burning much of it off. So, instead of gorging yourself on Christmas dinner, eat a normal-sized meal and then take a 20-minute break to see if you are still hungry (it takes this long for the brain to register that the stomach is full). The chances are, you’ll realize you’ve had enough.

Keep Colds At Bay
Colds are rampant during the holidays, partly because many of us travel around the country, exposing ourselves – and others – to different cold viruses. Minimize your risks by maintaining a healthy immune system, by eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep.

Don’t Stress
‘Tis the season to be jolly’, but jolly is the last thing many of us feel with overspending, cooking, cleaning, endless ‘to do’ lists and visitors we could do without. Try to keep a sense of humor and perspective throughout the holidays. Remember the reason for the season and say no to stress. The duty mantle can wait!

Eat Fruit
Let’s be honest, fruit isn't typically featured on the Christmas menu. But in this season of late nights, overindulging and parties, it’s more important than ever to get your vitamins and minerals to help you stay in good health. Ensure that your shopping list enables you to fill up the fruit bowl and get your recommended daily portions for fruits and veggies.

Do Something For Others
It’s hard to avoid the consumerism that has overtaken Christmas in the western world, but it shouldn't be about giving or receiving gifts. Try to do something for others this festive season. Whether it’s baking an extra pie for an elderly neighbor, inviting an acquaintance who doesn’t have family around them to your home or helping out with a local ministry, remember it is better to give than to receive.

Think Before You Eat
The holidays are a time of plenty, and with nuts, chocolates, pies and cheese straws wherever you look! But rather than mindlessly popping whatever is in front of you in your mouth, spend a moment thinking about whether you really want it, or are just eating it because it’s there.

Engage Your Brain
Instead of switching off in front of the TV, keep your mind active by playing games like Trivial Pursuit or Charades. This is also a great way of getting everyone together.

Stay Hydrated
With the temperatures falling and an abundance of sugary treats to offer, it’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger and reach for another truffle or piece of shortbread. Instead, keep a bottle of water with sliced lemon, lime or mint sprigs at arms length at all times and reach for it rather than sweets to ensure you’re staying well hydrated throughout the holidays.
Top row L to R:
Tori, Latasha, Cody, Amber, Andrea, Chris, Kelsey, Laurie & Josh
Bottom row L to R:
Corey, Angie & Michael
Best Wishes, Corey!
The Smith Clinic had the privilege of celebrating Corey last week, wishing him well as he begins PT school in January. While we are sad to see him go, we are excited for Corey and his family as they embark on a new and exciting journey! 

Best Wishes, Corey!
We can't wait to see what the future holds for you and yours!
The Smith Clinic has New Hours!
Beginning January 1, 2020,
The Smith Clinic will have the following hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 6PM
Friday: 7AM - 4PM
Saturday: 7AM - 12PM (Fitness only)
Sunday: CLOSED

We look forward to seeing you in 2020!