Of course, we want to encourage you to consider shopping with us for the anglers in your life but we also want to take time to reflect on how much it means to us that we have been the recipients of so much support and encouragement for so many years. Believe it or not, we are completing our 21 st year in business! For this industry, and a small, remotely located shop operated by died-in-the-wool fishing bums, this is nothing short of an astounding event. We would have nothing were it not for our dedicated friends and guests from across the globe and for that we are supremely grateful. So, during this reflective time of year, our thoughts are focused on all of you and we wish you all a most blessed Christmas holiday season.

Special Gifts on the River
For a brief period, we are offering some great deals on fishing trips. 

The first one is a gift certificate for fishing on our private trophy waters at Nacoochee Bend. Purchase a gift certificate for two half days of fishing (unguided) and get a third half day free. The net cost of these trips is actually less than the fee we charged 21 years ago! For $240, you get three half days of trophy trout fishing (a $360 value). That's a better return on your investment than your 401-K! If you would like a guide, you may hire one when you make your fishing reservation. These certificates may be used for three trips or you can bring two angling friends with you and redeem it all at once. Either way, it's a great deal!  Available for purchase only through Christmas Eve.

Our second river special is for the fly angler who is looking to up the game a few notches. If you're interested in becoming more proficient at streamer fishing for big fish, particularly big browns, this trip is for you.  

Great Angler Gift Ideas From Small to Large

We're confident that you can find the perfect gift for your fly angler at Unicoi Outfitters. And remember, we can drop ship directly to you any product in the Orvis catalog with free shipping.

Fishing Reports

In spite of the heavy rains we've experienced lately and the resulting high water, fishing is very good everywhere. Remember, everywhere now means EVERYWHERE since all Georgia trout streams are open year round. The Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina Delayed Harvest streams are all providing excellent fishing. Check out these recent bullet points from Jeff Durniak on fishing the Chattooga DH after the most recent downpour:

·  Fish the afternoon. Don't get in the water till 11 or maybe even 12.  The early birds walking out past me, as I entered yesterday and measured a water temp of 45F at noon, had been skunked.
·  Bring a buddy, a wading staff, and a dry change of clothes.
·  Fish calmer water, especially in "flood refuges" where fish have been blown to by all of the recent floods. Fish below ledges and on both sides of pools with heavy current thru the middle.
·  Lengthen leaders by using a long stretch of light tippet (4 or 5x) to cut thru the water column.
·  Ensure you bounce the bottom via heavy tungsten bead heads and/or the dreaded split shot.
·  Olive leeches, eggs, and Pat's Rubberlegs worked for us.  Fish hit hard.   The fish may  still be generalists, but don't leave home without some small pheasant tails, too.

Nantahala River DH Report
From Landon Williams

" I took my Godmother fishing on the Nantahala this past weekend for her first winter fishing experience. The water is running high up there with recent rains but the temp is hovering in the mid 40's, a pleasant surprise for December. Fish were hugging the bottoms of deep pools or were in pockets right against the bank, but hungry! She did well on leeches and eggs until she got cold and then played tourist the rest of the afternoon.

" I Czech nymphed for a couple of hours and did very well on a 14 tungsten bead hares ear and a BWO nymph tied on a jig hook. Fishing died significantly by 4:30 when the sun finally got behind the ridgeline for good.  There are more wild fish in the Nantahala DH than I have ever seen and the past two good summers are showing their effects on their size and numbers!

" Biggest thing for success in NC this time of year is getting down to the fish. If you aren't getting bites, add another splitshot until you are getting bites. They won't eat it if they can't see it!"

Thank You!

As always, we are grateful for your friendship and your patronage. If you ever need current fishing information or specifications and recommendations on gear, please call us at (706) 878-3083. 

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