This was the largest team yet for our annual Christmas Trip. They came from all over the U.S. to share the birth of Jesus Christ, distribute thousands of meals, toys and more. We split the team between our campuses in Leon and Masaya to better serve our more than 20 churches. For many, it was their first mission trip and plane ride. For others, it was like a continuation of previous trips. Here's team member Katelyn from GA:
"Every single time I serve in Nicaragua, God does miraculous things.
This trip however, topped them all. I can't decide whether it was the friendships made with CCM staff and the other on my team, the villages we were able to bless with the gospel for the first time, the hungry bellies that became full, being able to go back and see the fruit of my labor in Mt. Zion after almost four years, praying with those in need of breakthrough and seeing sons and daughters intrenched in darkness become new, children smiling from ear to ear at the thought of a new toy doll or truck and seeing the relief of a parent as they check off one less thing to worry about, villages not only gaining physical water but the living water too, that I began loving on and sponsoring my girl Katerina from one of the new villages  @chosenchildrenministries has begun working in or simply the fact that I was given the opportunity to share the greatest story of all time and the true meaning of this season over ten times in one week, that made this trip leave me truly speechless. 
It's so funny to me that even despite being in a country that contains brokenness in every corner, He can still bring so much beauty and clarity. Here's to all the new things He is doing in my life and theirs. I am so grateful for a God who allows me to be a part of His amazing plan."