We are just a few short days away from Christmas and the New Year...can you believe it??? Hopefully you don't have too much last minute shopping to do! Please note that Fehrenbacher Cabinets will be closed for the holidays so our hardworking team can spend much deserved time with their family and friends.

We will be closed from Monday, December 23 through Friday January 3, and reopen on January 6 at 7AM.
Truly custom built-in cabinets are a great way to not only add an elegant look to any room, but also add functional storage. In today's world of cheap, imported/disposable furniture, a custom built-in by FCI can really make a statement for your home.
 We know that a kitchen island can create an amazing design feature for your kitchen, as well as give you more countertop space and storage. Having the island cabinet and/or top in a different color that coordinates with your outer cabinetry can definitely help to add interest and design to your space.

With today's large, open kitchens, the island size has continued to grow along with them. In many cases, the island size is determined by the stone slab size to avoid a seam. Many of our decorators and customers are preferring the more massive look of a countertop that is 2 1/2 inches thick, versus the standard 1 1/4 inch; especially on these massive island tops.

Here are some photos of kitchen island countertops with the built up edges. You can see how this can create a dramatic look, and really enhance the design. Note that some of them have a modern squared off edge, while the other has a more detailed profile.
With entertaining over the holidays, your ice machines are likely to be working overtime. Don't forget that ice makers need regular maintenance, just like the other appliances in your home.

In particular, nugget ice machines require more frequent cleanings than do the traditional cubers, at least once every five to six months. If you noticed your ice maker is being a bit noisier than usual, this is definitely a good time to check. Performing a routine de-scaling could be quite the easy fix to bring your ice maker back to its normal self.

Note that if you have hard water, your cleaning frequency may need to occur sooner than the recommended time frame.
As we mentioned above, maintaining your ice maker is just as important as any other appliance in your home.

A few tips:
- Change/order filter when indicated. Note: Not all units have a water filter.

- Clean the storage bin.

- Run cleaning cycle on the unit. It is best if you purchase chemicals through the appliance manufacturer.

Below are videos of how to clean a Scotsman nugget and cube ice machine. If you have a different brand, please refer to the use and care instructions of your particular appliance.
Recently, we have seen a growing popularity in our clients choosing flat (or matte) finishes for their cabinetry. When it comes to fingerprints, scratches and other imperfections, flat finish cabinet fronts tend to show less than on gloss finish fronts. This doesn’t mean that there are no fingerprints or marks that show , it just means that they are less noticeable due to the lack of light reflecting on the surface.

When it comes to cleaning, this type of finish takes a little more finesse than their smooth, glossy counterparts. Even so, they are not difficult to clean. You should use a soft microfiber cloth, which won’t scratch your cabinets. If the cloth is damp, make sure to follow up with a dry towel to wipe up any residue. This also goes for any type of finish, always go back over your cabinetry and countertops with a dry towel after cleaning with a wet cloth.

While you may feel this look doesn't work for your home, it is always fun to look at the different styles available to you. Using a flat finish on a natural wood tone could be the perfect look when doing a home bar or rec room. Whatever your plans are, we would love to help you achieve the exact look and style you are wanting!
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year!