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Needing Chaplaincy credits? Check this out!
One Unit of CPE
You can choose your hours in your home town. Trainees can serve in hospitals, retirement homes, hospices wherever they live providing pastoral care to patients, families and staff while learning.

This is a fifteen-week program designed to help trainees to earn one unit of CPE. Students may use this to fulfill requirements for their degree program. The program will begin on February 1, 2019.

 Earning one unit of CPE credit through this program will also meet the CPE prerequisite for the Residency Program at KUHS.

“My experience in CPE has given me the personal and professional development I need to serve competently as a chaplain.”

Entry Requirements
• Completed application • $50 application fee • $920 (application fee applied to this)
• Documentation of a relationship with a faith community
• A minimum of two years of college preferred
• Ability to provide ministry
• Readiness for learning
• Commitment to one unit (400 hours) of full-time clinical service and learning.

Rick L. Wright, Ph.D., BCCC, BCPC, SIT, Ed Outlaw - Training Supervisor,
785-313-5301, 913-634-3284

As part of the course, each trainee is required to present case studies, attend didactic seminars, provide written reflections, meet with supervisor for individual supervision, and take part in group relations seminars. This program is designed to help trainees work toward certification as a chaplain with the CPSP which also accredits Transitioning Pathway, LLC.
This is through interactive Zoom technology online. One may earn one unit toward Chaplaincy at this training center. The student can also apply for 6 hours at Manhattan Christian College as there is a policy and agreement between the Training Center and the college (tuition not included).

This program is accredited through Transitioning Pathways, LLC by the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP).