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  This year has been a challenge for me as an artist. Moving from WA to CA, purchasing a new home, moving in, getting settled, setting up new Dr.s etc. 

I have finally found myself and am so excited to share with the world my Faux Koi Ponds. 

  Soon I will be doing a Crowd Fundraiser to help me develop my idea to create light, cement/fiber glass 3D Koi Ponds. With every new project there is always a trial and error time in the development of a great project.  This is something that is not out in the world for people to use in their landscaping.  

How fun is this?  Koi ponds that you do not have to feed the fish! You do not have to change the water or worry about strange birds or animals eating your fish!  (years ago I made a real koi pond and the Raccoons ate all my fish! )

I have been working hard on getting some koi ponds that I can recreate for Rewards for people who see the potential of my koi ponds! 
Here are some testimonials for you to enjoy! I am so very grateful for the support of loving supportive people in my life.

Testimonies for Catherine Foster’s Faux Koi Ponds:

We are so happy with the koi pond that Catherine Foster created for us.  It is beautifully painted and very attractive.  The colors are vivid and we are so happy with the koi pond that Catherine Foster created for us.  It is beautifully painted and very attractive.  The colors are vivid and the koi are caught in action!  Our grandchildren touched it to see if it was real.  They wanted to feed the fish!  It brings an extra spark of energy and life to our yard. If anything, I would have wanted it to be bigger.
Bill & Jackie Willis

We love the faux koi pond that Catherine created.  What a fun, whimsical way to bring nature into your home.  The colors are beautiful and the fish are so realistic!  Fantastic addition to our yard!
Sandy & Bruce Murray

We are so happy with our Koi pond. What a wonderful way to have art in your garden.  Our Koi pond is like Monet’s painting “Water Lilies” in that it is the sensation of light and color that guides Catherine’s brush.  The Koi are so realistic our grandchildren were initially reluctant to put their finders near the koi’s mouth. How wonderful that we can experience the awe of viewing a beautiful work of art in our garden everyday.
Karen and Kent Caraway

Dear Catherine,
Happy to start each day with a cup of coffee and glancing at my Faxu Koi Tile.  What a perfect gift from a very special friend of mine.  I would like to order some for my special friends to brighten their days. The colors and the textures are amazingly bright and beautiful. Always amazed at your creativity!
Thanks,  A Loyal Customer

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