May your days be filled with peace, hope,
and joy this holiday season.

As always, thank you for your business,
loyalty, and support.

All of us at Frederick Place 
and NATH
Packers Win and so does NATH
Thank you to Cross Country Bar & Grill for hosting a Packer Party to support NATH.  Over $700 was raised.  Bear and Packer fans enjoyed a fun- filled afternoon, with 50/50 raffles, 2 meat raffles and a 2016 Autographed Packer Football that was raffled off.
Eric, owner of Cross Country Bar & Grill, along with NATH Board Members and staff.
Ripco shows their support in Everybody Deserves Shelter campaign 2016.
Forth Floral shows their support

The kids at Lac Du Flambeau School helped out and began construction of this house to show their support for NATH/Frederick Place.
  Sienna(left), Ashleigh (Right) from JWMS, present Tammy Modic with a check . The kids held bake sales and a penny war to raise money and awareness for NATH/Frederick Place.
  Thank you to Papa Murphy’s for donating the pizzas and HOSA for preparing the cupcakes!
Representatives from Key Club, Project Unity, Diversity , FCCLA, FBLA, and DECA, presenting a check to Tammy Modic. Missing club reps from HOSA and Student Council

During the month of November, the School District of Rhinelander joined with NATH to recognize National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. To recognize this important topic, the week of November 14-20 th all Clubs from RHS came together to help NATH raise funds for the local shelter, Frederick Place, as part of the Everybody Deserves Shelter Campaign. In an effort to increase awareness, announcements were made during the week that featured data and information about homeless youth in Wisconsin and our District. There was a one minute fund raiser, CASH for NATH, held during homeroom on Thursday, November 17 th . Through the generosity of students and staff, $572 was collected.  Of the 43 homerooms within RHS, Ms. Fryar’s homeroom was the home room that collected the most money and they won a pizza and cupcake party.  Tammy Modic was able to join the winning homeroom for the celebration.
Rhinelander Leo's club  presents check to Tammy Modic. This is the 6th year of their participation in 1000 give a $100 pledge drive.
Rhinelander High School Student baked and delivered Christmas to everyone at Frederick Place.

Penny Drive winning team members:

Pictured from left to right: Kathy Braun, Margaret Hildebrand, Janice Wagner, Lee Ann Moreau, Vicki Mork, Diane Ruzic, Sharri Crowe. Back row: Dr. Matthew Novak, Stacey Bisenius. 

Not pictured: Rhonda Consolo, Dr. Kevin Mastey, Lori Cromell, Tammi Wiedeman.
Northwoods Area Realtors (NWAR) Director John Morris presented Anna Detienne with a sleigh full of household items (including two microwaves and a Keurig) and a check for $600, all of which were donated by realtors and guests at their annual Christmas Party. 

Jack Grzesik, Insurance Center of Northeaster Wisconsin, Inc. presents Tammy Modic with a check for $2,786.20.  This donation is from the Eastern Resource Group.
During the past 10 days, Marshfield Clinic Dental Center held a Pocket Penny Drive competition to raise money for a charity of the winning team’s choice.  Everyone in the center was involved, split into three teams vying for the win.  Each team had a large jar to collect pennies, as well as silver change.  In the end, the center employees had donated $310.  The entire amount was donated to NATH.
There will be boxes for collection at the following places: Coffee Beans Etc., and Bath & Body Creations & Coffee Haus in downtown Rhinelander.
Rhinelander FBLA/DECA is gearing up to begin one of its largest community service events. Jeans for Teens will be running full speed ahead to collect jeans for the homeless this holiday season! If you or any of your family members have jeans that you haven't worn in a while or simply don't fit into anymore, consider donating them to those who are less fortunate this holiday season. No matter the style or size we will find a home for them. All you need to do is look for the box wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper. There will be boxes for collection at the following places: Rhinelander High School, James Williams Middle School, Central School, Crescent Elementary School, Pelican Elementary School, Coffee Beans Etc., and Bath & Body Creations & Coffee Haus in downtown Rhinelander. All jeans donated will go to Frederick  Place, who will assists in distributing them to those in need and Family Resource Connections.






Tammy Modic
As we come upon the six-year anniversary of Frederick Place opening its doors, it is still amazing to me the wonderful community support with which we continue to be blessed.  It was more than evident during the holidays.

Life at Frederick Place is often busy, but the last month of the year is filled with Secret Santas dropping off things like a new Christmas tree for us to decorate, food to fill our stomachs, treats to sweeten us up, and gifts to put a smile on our faces.

As anyone who spends time at Frederick Place knows, the staff and residents work as a team.  This happens from the first moment a new resident arrives at Frederick Place.  The staff may be the ones doing the paperwork, but the other residents show each other the “ropes.”  The spirit of giving doesn’t always necessarily mean material items.  Staff and residents share and give at an emotional level as well as material.  From a resident asking me this week, “Are you alright?” to other residents trying to convince another resident to think about his actions as they would be affecting not just today but the rest of his life.

At Frederick Place, team work also shows in the upkeep of the house.  Residents are assigned chores that they must complete on a daily basis, as well as to work on their self-sufficiency goals.  Sometimes one can get in the way of the other, and they must ask for help from another resident.  At other times, we have residents who are handy with tools and will help us with fix up projects in the house so that we don’t have to pay for the task or find a volunteer to come in on their time to accomplish the task.

These examples of team work occurred this week.  Also, the doorbell was “ringing off the hook” with Secret Santa gifts to allow the residents to have a merry Christmas.  Our Secret Santas brought toys for the two boys in the house, clothing for all the residents, Walmart gift cards, and numerous other gifts.  Every time a staff or volunteer would open the front door, they were amazed at the generosity of the community.  Christmas was truly “Merry” for all our residents. 

This faith in the community was evident when one of the residents said, “It is very humbling to see the amount of generosity and consideration that this community shows. It touches my heart in ways I can't even tell you.”  After Linda said this, the others sitting around the gathering table were all in agreement.  They may not have been able to put their feelings into words, but they felt that the spirit of what Linda said matched what they were feeling.  Her words also touched home and expressed what all the staff were feeling and continue to feel daily.

I would like to end by letting you know that words cannot express the gratitude that everyone associated with NATH and Frederick Place feels no matter what time of the year it is.  We continue to be blessed by our partners and “friends of NATH.”  From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of all the residents and board members:  THANK YOU!!
Susan Statezny
As Christmas is considered a season of miracles, I chose to share the story of a man who is a walking, talking miracle and a blessing since the day he entered my life.

We recently bid farewell to Joe, a man I would describe as more cat than human because of the sheer number of life threatening events he has experienced. I first met Joe in 2004 at the corner bar I had dubbed my second home. He was known as “The Cranberry Man,” because he was working in a cranberry marsh and inevitably entered the bar with a bag of cranberries over his shoulder. At first, Joe and I became the best of bar buddies. Now, I define bar buddy in two ways. An active bar buddy is someone you drink with and try to solve the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune while carrying on a deep and meaningful conversation.  An inactive bar buddy is a friend you lose when you decide to put the cork in the bottle and the friendship disintegrates with the loss of your common thread. Joe didn’t fall into either category. We had developed a bond that rose from long talks about our childhoods, lost love and dreams of the future. He was a bar buddy and a true friend; a friend I knew I could always count on.

In September of 2006 our friendship started leaning towards the inactive category when I was given one of the biggest gifts of my life, my second DUI. I mourned the loss of my old manner of living for a short time and then got busy taking the needed steps to sobriety. Unfortunately, this meant it was dangerous for me to go near a bar or associate with anyone one who drank, lest I be tempted to imbibe some libations myself. I gradually made sober friends but never forgot Joe and hoped we would meet again one day.

I had not seen Joe for a couple years when suddenly, in a place I never expected to see him, there he was at my AA meeting. We looked at each other and simultaneously said, “I thought you were dead!!” My old bar buddy quickly became my sober AA buddy. All was well until life threw Joe another curveball. He was in a car accident that most people would not have walked away from. He had a broken back, was in horrendous pain, and rarely left his apartment. Before long, depression took hold, and he didn’t want to see or talk to anyone.  I respected his wishes and hoped he would choose to get in touch with me one day.

Nine months after we opened our doors at Frederick Place, I walked into the house and there was Joe! Our friendship was quickly renewed.  We played a lot of the “Remember when?” game. Approximately two months after he entered Frederick Place, I arrived at work and found out Joe had left.  We once again lost touch with each other.

Towards the end of October this year I was filled with joy when I saw Joe’s name on our inquiry list. Joe was about to enter my life for the fourth time. He was in rough shape and made the inquiry call from his hospital bed. He had been living in his van when he experienced excruciating pain in his abdomen causing him to go the ER.  He had developed liver and pancreas issues which resulted in a lengthy hospital stay and having fluid drained from his abdomen multiple times. Joe was in the worst shape I had seen him; but his will to live was stronger than I’d ever seen it. He trudged along day after day, doctor appointment after appointment, and never complained. He even had to prep for a colonoscopy while with us but never spoke a negative word. Well, he did complain, but only after I told him of my impending colonoscopy. He had a twinkle in his eye with every crappy joke he made. Now that I have been in his shoes, I am in awe of his intestinal fortitude for having done the prep here with one bathroom for a dorm full of guys.

We miss seeing Joe at Frederick Place. Luckily he is living next door in a place he claims is, “So special because of us and all we did for him.” Joe impacted many while he was here, but he doesn’t see it that way. I wish Joe could see himself through my eyes. If Springsteen met Joe he would see him as the epitome of his song You’ve Got It because Joe is real as real ever was.  However, since Bruce won’t meet Joe anytime soon to confirm this, I will close with a different lyric from The Boss: Looking for a little bit of God’s mercy, I found living proof.  That proof is my friend, Joe.
   Each month many partners in the community donate meals to Frederick Place. This month NATH and Frederick Place thank the following groups
  • Church of Christ–Hope Center
  • First Congregational United Church of Church Rhinelander
  • Greg/Mary
  • Human Service Center 
  • Jan Tidmarsch
  • Jennie Kotula
  • Joyce and Dave
  • Kids In Need
  • Kowieski Family
  • Lyn Neeck
  • Ministry Health Care Part of Ascension
  • Pastor John, Jeanette, and Rita/ Pioneer Lake Lutheran Church -  Conover
  • Pat/Monessorri School
  • People’s State Bank
  • Rhinelander Café and Pub
  • St. Kunegunda/St Theresa
  • The Table–St. Augustine Episcopal Church-Rhinelander
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Rhinelander
  • Bob/Marcy
  • Connie Lefevre
  • Dye Family
  • FCCLA (RHS Group)
  • Jessica Sheik
  • Mary and Ron Kalkofen
  • Mary Martin
  • Nicolet Dental Program
  • Orin
  • Rita Dobbins
  • Sandy
  • St Matthias-Barb Guy
  • Sue Sharrow
  If you, your family, your church, your business or a group you belong to would like to provide an evening meal please contact any staff member at Frederick Place @ 715-369-9777 Open dates are listed in the open meals calendar above.