Celebrating Christ's Birth
"...Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."   Isaiah 7:14
Jesus' Birth
How will you celebrate the birth of the Christ child? Yes I know Christmas is not His true birthday! Yes the secular world has commercialized it. But the question remains ... how will YOU celebrate Christmas?
Will you go with the standard flow? Or will you allow Him to live IN and THROUGH you? That is the Greatest Gift we can give back to our Savior. Will others see in us a Living Faith in God whom we truly TRUST? Will they see in us a selfless, genuine concern for others? Isn't' that the Greatest Gift we can give--a Demonstration that the Birth of Christ has given birth in us? That Christ can touch others through us.
Will they see that the Living Christ has made a real difference in your Marriage? It's because of Him you sacrifice yourself for each other! You are "In Love" because you are "In Him". You are closer to each other because your draw close to Him yourself.
Will they know that the power of the gospel is what makes your family well-ordered, well-disciplined and Christ-centered. That you bring your family together every day to worship Him and not the world we are journeying through. You don't only instruct the mind what is right but Under God you train their will to choose and DO God's will.
Yes, I enjoy the festivities of the season, the special music, decorations, and get togethers. But amidst all those outward trimmings will they see Christ in Me? Will they see Christ in my conversations, in my interactions, and in my composure? If we don't then all we have is a Holiday of man. If we have Christ in us then we are truly celebrating the Birth of the Christ child. May it be the latter.
Merry Christmas,
Jim & Sally