Dear Ricardo and Beth,

Today we celebrate the blessed event that was first proclaimed by angels to shepherds in the fields. Today we are travelers in a crowded city, visiting Ricardo’s family in Bucaramanga. Sometimes, I wonder if we would have missed the angel’s message in the hustle and bustle of today? Would their message be drowned out by the honking horns and disgruntled customers? Would their glory be dimmed by the impressive Christmas light displays and the flashing sale signs? Would their coming disrupt the family reunions and party plans? Would we take time to receive them in the midst of year-end reports and planning of the year ahead?

Christmas 2021.jpg

I hope not, yet I know we are products of our own culture.   Therefore, today, we intentionally take time to pause to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior who came to save people of all nations.  We are privileged to share the Good News of His birth with those around us…wherever we happen to be. 

Today, we also remember you and thank God for your partnership in the Gospel with us!  We write to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ricardo, Beth, Juliana & Jonathan Gómez

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