Merry Christmas!
On Thursday, we are going to have our Christmas Eve services. One of the songs that will be sung has a line in it that caught my attention. The statement is “on our knees, we fall.” I found myself wondering, when was the last time I fell to my knees in response to God's working in my life? Then I wondered, have I ever been involved in a corporate expression of praise to God which prompted all of us to fall to our knees? I am not asking that we all participate in this corporate expression physically, but spiritually we should fall on our knees at the glorious news that God has sent to us a Savior, Jesus Christ our King! As we celebrate His birth, we should consider the amazing grace that it proclaims. We should be in awe of the love of God, Who sent His Son to be our Redeemer. If you are overwhelmed by God’s love for you, by all means, praise him from your knees.
- Greg Odiorne
Holiday Services
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
4:30 p.m. In-Person Worship Service (*Livestream on YouTube)
Holiday Schedule Changes to Note
Wednesday, December 23 - No Services
Wednesday, December 30 - No Services
Wednesday, January 6 - Livestream Only (No in-person services)
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