On behalf of all of us that play a part in the essence that is Balance, thank you, thank you! We appreciate you and your willingness to help build upon our foundation by everything that you do to support us, be it a like or comment on FB or on instagram, attending a class or appointment, picking up an essential oil in the boutique and/or sending friends and family our way or by simply stopping to say hi and having a cup of happiness water with us!! Thank you, trust that we are committed to staying consistent and true to our mission that started in 2002, we are also excited about new expanded offerings that are on their way, watch for them!
~ Gina
Welcome Mickey Coffman
We are excited and grateful to have Mickey, return to Wisconsin and join us here at Balance. Mickey will be helping to expand our front desk hours to include Mondays from 10am to 4pm and 9am to Noon hours Tuesday thru Friday. Which means expanded Salt Space hours and Boutique Hours as well.
Mickey joins Brenda at the Front Desk and will also be helping reorganize and streamlining procedures as we continue to grow here at Balance. Mickey comes with a wealth of knowledge that we are excited to utilize in 2020!! Welcome Mickey!!
Balance on Buffalo does it's best to stay open during the Winter Season. If the weather is crazy please call ahead or go to our Facebook page or Our Online (www.balanceonbuffalo.com) Yoga class Schedule to see current time announcements. Of course we want you to stay safe, always keep that in the forefront of your decision to venture the roads.
Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy)
New Added Hours:
Monday 10am to 4pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10am to 7pm
Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 3pm
Appointments on the hour
30 days Unlimited (1x per day) $159
5 pack (Shareable) $125
$35 Individual Session
$20 Children 12 and under
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti-Viral
  • Helps to draw the impurities out of the air-way, both upper and lower
  • Stimulates the body’s internal processes for cleansing & removing build-up of foreign particles
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Opens bronchial tubes in lungs, reduces inflammation in the sinuses
  • Strengthens respiratory function
  • Breaks up and clears moisture & mucus

Sat Date: 1/4/2020
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
A yoga mala is an ancient tradition of doing 108 sun salutations. It is usually done in conjunction with the change of season. In this class, we will do a half mala or 54 sun salutations, and in this instance, it is to welcome the new year, 2020.
Making a commitment to do a mala or half mala is the opportune time to evaluate your life and set intentions. Setting intentions is the first step in the manifesting process. Intentions can be dreams, wishes, goals, and desires that you hope to manifest.
I will break the class down into 6 sets of 9 sun salutations. This will give time in which to break if needed. It will also give you the opportunity to set 6 intentions. Feel free to set more or just one, but really put some thought into it. You could write your intentions at home and then place them near your mat while doing the half mala.
So come and have fun, put some intentions out to the universe and see what happens!
Please bring water and a small towel to wipe your brow.
Minimum Required. Please note this class will start at 1 pm and continue until it is complete which may not be a full 90 minutes.
Inner Exploration with Gina
Utilizing the 6th method of Awakening, join Gina for this inner exploration. where all things are possible. This is not a lecture. This is an experiential class utilizing the breath, music and your willingness to let go and open your heart.
There are no prerequisites, the container will be set to offer those that are called to this inner journey. Encouragement to commit to all 3 sessions as the journey never ends.
$108 for all three session of 90 Minutes.
Fridays 6:30pm to 8pm
January 17th
February 21
March 27th
Please bring everything you need to support you in a supine position on the floor. We will utilize yoga mats, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows. Please bring your own water bottle and lip moisturizer and a journal if you feel called.
Class is limited to 12 participants. NO refunds.
Vibration/Sound Offerings
The art and science of sound healing is designed to
harmonize the body, mind, and soul
Intro to Peter Hess Sound Methods
Join Gina Armstrong as she facilitates the exploration of Peter Hess Singing Bowls. You will discover the power of vibration through hands on experimentation with Peter Hess Singing bowls made specifically for therapeutic use. Learn a simple self care routine with the use of the singing bowls. There will be time to play and learn how to tap the bowls and guide them to sing. Class will end with a soft special singing bowl meditation that will help you soften into a new way of Being.
Classes taught by Heather, a Peter Hess® Certified Practitioner that also offers individual Peter Hess® Sound Massage Appointments

Monday 7pm to 8pm:
  • Gentle Restorative Yoga infused with the gentle sounds of Peter Hess Singing Bowls. Allow the vibrations and sounds of the singing bowls to help melt you into gentle restorative yoga poses. Class is suitable for all levels. Class Pass or Drop In Available
Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm:
  • Let us create a space of sound and vibration and ultimate stillness for you in this specialized use of Peter Hess Singing Bowls. Class is suitable for all. Feel free to bring pillows and blankets. Class Pass or Drop In Available
Sunday 9:30am - 10:30am
  • Gentle and Restorative Yoga mix class infused with Peter Hess Singing Bowls. This class will offer us the opportunity to slow down and relax, shift and renew ourselves before our new week starts. A regular practice of allowing ourselves to "check out" of our day to day routines and possible stressors helps us to hold space for ourselves. Managing our stress and prioritizing our commitment to ourselves in healthful ways will support us throughout our week. Peter Hess singing bowls offer an opportunity to experience some of the health benefits of meditation.

Please Pre-Register under Classes.
Upcoming Reiki Offerings

Reiki I with Heather
Two Sundays
January 12th and 19th
3pm to 6pm

The Usui system of Reiki is one of the easiest natural healing systems known today. It is also the most effective way to transfer Universal Life Energy. This class teaches basic aspects of Reiki in order to perform hands-on healing with the Reiki Ray. The history, principles and ethics of Reiki are discussed and the chakra system is also examined. No prerequisites.

Reiki Circle
Sunday, January 26th
3pm to 5pm
The Usui system of Reiki is one of the easiest natural healing systems known today. It is also the most effective way to transfer Universal Life Energy. This will be a Reiki share event where students will give sessions as a group and receive a session.

Join us for this exchange of powerful energy.

Class Pass or $10 Drop In Fee
Instructor Heather Muszynski LMT RYT
Prerequisite: Reiki I
Now Available in the Balance Boutique

Our CBD Products are 3rd party tested with an independent lab which allows us to be confident in the exact ingredients in each container.
  • Grown in Colorado
  • Organic Non-GMO Hemp
  • Fully Traceable
  • Independently Tested
  • Vibrationaly Enhanced

January Yoga Schedule
Please Check the current real-time ONLINE Schedule to Confirm Classes
Props Available for Use at Balance on Buffalo Yoga Room Free of Charge.

5:30pm-6:30pm Self-Care Restorative Yoga
7pm-8pm Candlelight Sound Restorative infused with Peter Hess Singing Bowls

5:30pm - 6:30pm Vinyasa Flow (Mixed Level)

5:30pm - 6:30pm Restorative Sound Bath

Noon to 1pm Moving With Ease For Life
6pm - 7pm Moving With Ease For Life

6:30pm to 8pm Inner Exploration (January 17th only) (Must pre-register)

Intro to Peter Hess Sound Methods 10 am - Noon (January 11th Only)
Reiki Circle 3pm to 5pm ( Saturday, Jan 26th) Reiki I or higher

9:30am Self-Care Sunday

Please follow the real time calendar at www.balanceonbuffalo.com for current schedule.
We thank you for honoring the time of all our teachers please preregister. Classes that do not meet the minimum amount of students, two hours prior to class, are subject to cancellation. Please verify current schedule at www.balanceonbuffalo.com
Peter Hess investigated the effect of traditional Eastern sound healing approaches from India, Tibet, and Nepal on the human mind and body; his findings form the basis for Peter Hess® Sound Massage. After many years of practice, Peter Hess adapted the traditional approaches to people in Western cultures. This training introduces basic principles of Peter Hess® Sound Massage. Participants receive instruction in sound massage theory, applications, cautions, and techniques, and gain experience giving and receiving basic Sound Massage treatments. This Level One course is the first step to become a Peter Hess Certified Sound Massage Practitioner.
NCCAOM CE Approved for 15 Credits (Can be applied to WI, MD and Massage Therapist License)

Natural Holistic Institute
Los Angeles, CA
Sign up at www.peterhessacademymidwest.com

American Massage Therapy Association Wisconsin Convention
May 1st and 2nd
Please sign up thru the www.amtawi.org
June 27th & 28th 2020 Pittsburgh, PA
Please sign up at www.rootedinsound.com

Wellsview Cottage, Annapolis, MD
Sign up soon at www.peterhessacademymidwest.com

Thank you for your support of Balance on Buffalo!
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