As we come to the Christmas season we are reminded of the new birth that we have in our Savior. We are also reminded that it is because of the birth of a tiny baby boy, who became a man, died, and resurrected for us, for the redemption of sin! It is because of this that we serve! We are truly grateful for your ministry wherever you are serving. We know that today we have chaplains serving around the globe! Press on brothers and sisters!!! Preach and Teach the Word of the Christ Child. Celebrate His Love with your family, friends, loved ones, and those that you serve. We love each of you, and are here for each of you. 

Merry Christmas
Steve, Keith, Jessica
Refuel Recap by Chaplain Matt Henry
When did you last pause, refocus and get back to the mission? 
For about 100 of us, we did just that at the beginning of October. The LBF Chaplain track during PREFUEL provided an environment for us to pray, worship and network together. Our LBF leadership took time to encourage and empower us to fulfill what God's called us to in the Chaplaincy by getting back to the heart of The Mission. Two speakers spoke from Acts 4 reminding us that we're part of a mission that can't be stopped and we've been given a message that can't be silenced. Chaplaincy, regardless of the context, is incarnational ministry. We dress like our people, we train with them, we walk alongside them and have taken the oaths they take. Like Peter and John, a bold ministry of presence to the people we've been entrusted should reveal a life that has spent time with the Father. However, as Dr Keith shared, "Ministry of Presence is not the Gospel" we can't settle with merely being a visible reminder of the Holy, we've got to share the Word with words. 

If you missed REFUEL this year, our prayer is that we'll be able to get to see you next year! Why not mark it on your calendar now? 

REFUEL '19 - October 7-9
New LBF Chaplains and Chaplain Candidates
Bradley DeRamus
Chon Gohn
Chris Chubbic
Derrick Robertson
Felix Otuorimuo
James Griffin
Jonathan Tyrrell
Josh Merrit
Jeremie Fisher

Kim Jihoon
´╗┐Kurt Hartley
Marcia Miles
Nicholas Doerfler
Richard Arnold
´╗┐Robert Costillo
Zhen Sun
Zachariah Franklin

Accessed Chaplains
Brent Trahan
Christopher Markham
Jeremie Fisher
Jordan Dersch
Phillip Waller
Robert Pembridge
Semi Annual Report
Chaplains and Chaplain Candidates please complete the semi annual report by January 31, 2019. You can find it here at this link: