Season's Greetings!
Merry Everything!

Season's Greetings from Yerba Buena Farms!

Thank you for your support. You allow us to do what we love!

As 2016 draws to a close, we have so much to reflect on and be thankful for. What a year!

Although the first few months of recreational sales have been bumpy, the future is bright. Our flower is flying off shelves and pre-rolls are underway. Concentrates from our partners at Willamette Valley Alchemy and Dab Society will be hitting shelves soon.

Things are happening!

Read on to learn about our strain of the month, growers tips, Yerba in the news, recent blog posts and more!

State of the Yerba

The Oregon cannabis market is going through major regulatory and market transitions as the recreational program gets under way and the medical market becomes obsolete. Many of these changes have already become reality while others may not be...

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Cannabis. Not Marijuana. | Yerba Buena

Cannabis is the correct scientific name for the genus of flowering plant often referred to as Marijuana. Many Cannabis supporters find the "M" word offensive once they learn the history of the word. Let's take a closer look at where the term...

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