Guided Hands Presents
Full Moon Meditation
(with an Audio-Activation to assist and guide you)
Sunday, February 9 th
Greetings and Namaste ~

As this New Year of 2020 has already moved us right into February , we are Advancing at rapid speeds. We are the Conscious Ones whom have asked to pass through these many open portals and veils, to find a greater Flow to our Freedom .

We, the Conscious Ones are continually Awakening through many different Activation's , as a way to Harness the greater I Am frequency. And as we continue to raise our vibrations, we are realizing that some of the old paths, people and places that we used to be a part of, no longer serve us in our higher and greater good of this life time. 

We Align with Full Moons as a way to Awaken dormant and sleeping cells. To Activate and Illuminate the internal and external Codes of our Christed and Conscious Embodiment’s . We are Divinely and Masterfully walking a New Earth in a New Garden that is Enriched with New Energy to supply us with the Nutrients of Natures Nectar to Enhance our New Embodiment's.   We are So Blessed
Full Moons tend to amplify our Emotions, especially the sensitive Empaths. As our emotional feelings begin to rise, we seek to find a balance. The Balanced Body is an Ebb and Flow of Frequency that lovingly supports us, shall we support the Natural Path that is intended to be.  

The Full Moon is a time to Re-charge, Re-calibrate, Regroup and to offer Gratitude for You and all that is taking place in your life. 

Also, the Full Moon offers us an Illuminated Mirror for us to see the Grace and Beauty of who we really are, that immediately can reduce scars, pain and misery of its past. Being present under the Full Moon with Joy in your heart, allows the Embodiment to drain negative energies . Being a channel with an open and receptive heart allows one to Bathe in the Light Showers of Love. 

While in the midst of February’s Full Moon , prepare for an Expanded Heart Chakra Opening . After all, it is almost Valentines Day , and the Full Moon Mother is willing to help you open up blockages, stopping you from receiving Self-Love, Partnership love or Family love .

Love is Love!!! Love is Light!!! Love is Life!!! 

February's Full Moon offers us a Key to open our Heart Chakra to an even greater Love from within. All it takes is to let go of any pre-conceived thoughts and/or conditions that may STOP the Ebb and Flow of Receiving Love

Love Unlocks the Heart , the Soul , the Spirit Love is Pure, Unconditional, Considerate, Forgiving, Blissful, Happiness, Caring, Creative, Imaginative, Affection, Compassionate and Balanced.  Love is Love .

Discernment of Love is a Self-Knowing, Self-Reflection, Self-Discovery, and is the Real-Self, the I Am Presence living in the Light of Love always.

Many choose the Full Moon as a way to Manifest their Desire and Dreams. As you place your collection of conscious thoughts into the Energy of the Full Moon, please remember that your Manifested Desires and Dreams may show up in unexpected ways, and may appear different from that of what you are feeling literally. As we let go, and let God Guide us, we open ourselves up for gifts that may be even more beautiful , and more sacred for you and your greater purpose to serve and receive. The Key…. Breathe and Receive from your Living Light Cells, as they open to the Christed Codes of your Loving Soul and Spirit. 

Please join us on Sunday, February 9 th @ 8:00 p.m. (MST) , as we “ Moon Bathe ” and Meditate .  I will hold space remotely and channel this Amazing Energy of the Full Moon with you. 

***IF you are unable to join us at the designated time , please know that you can still join in and receive the AUDIO-ACTIVATION-Meditation that will be provided, for you to Meditate and Receive at any time you Choose.

What:           Remote FULL MOON Meditation-Activation
   (with an Audio-Activation to assist and guide you)

When: Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Where: In the Privacy of your OWN space

Time: 8:00 p.m. (MST)

Cost: Donation

Mary Martin Medium

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Thank you and Blessings.