Guided Hands
~ Mary’s Message ~
Greetings and Namaste ~

Hello everyone!! Hope you’re enjoying your Summer thus far, and that you’ve been given the opportunity to go Play, Relax, Travel and See Sights that delight you and your loved ones. 

Summer is our time to Shine like the Bright Sun that Always provides us with its Love and Warmth. Summer is our Season to gain Freedom from any restrictions holding us back. Today the many Rays of Light streaming in from the Universe are offering us New Energy as we continue to play and thrive.  This New Energy is to help Fuel and Fill us, like the energy of the Vitamin D that is Naturally and Organically Supplied by the Sun, to help us remain Healthy and Whole.  It is a sustainable energy to keep us relaxed when the outside world is busy and perplexed. 

We are in the midst of many New opportunities coming forth. When the Seasons Change so must we, for we are meant to be of the same Ebb and Flow to help us grow in life. For example, when we are in the Darkest of Winter, tired, weary, cold and behind tightly closed doors, we can still Live with the Energy of the Summers Bright Light by keeping the Heart Center wide open, ready and willing to Receive, with each Breath that we Breathe. We can Adapt to any Change as long as we Choose to Flow with the Breath that Breathes us.  Balanced Breathing keeps us centered and grounded to the life we are choosing to live.

This Summers Message is to get us Excited , because we’ve been invited by the Divine to just Chill-Out , have Fun , Relax and perhaps do absolutely Nothing . The Nothingness is a Quiet-Frequency that will help Calm the Busy , Rest the Weary , Unwind the Twine of Pressures and any outside Controlled forces of Fear
Let Go, Release, Relax and Soak up the Summer’s Sun and have Fun . Be Entertained by tapping into your Inner Child . Retreat and let your Youth -Self play again, while soaking up this New Energy that the Sun Supplies.

Please remember your Blessings and how enriched you are with what the universe is supplying you. Even if you feel you have gotten the short end of the straw, please know you are fulfilling what you have signed up in your spiritual contracts to do. That is to be an Earth Angel, and to help yourself and others to learn how to Fly and rise above this Web of Confusion , and be lifted into a Conscious and Collective Embodiment of Victory, over all old death, disease and misery

We all know there is Negative Energy that is fighting to keep control of our Light. And there are those who remain angry and even obsessed with this old energy , not allowing the Shining Light to Illuminate their Fears. They are still holding onto a very Tight-Shield which is consuming their thoughts and doubling their controlled fear, that is stopping this New Energy of a Higher Fueled Frequency from being received.  

Let’s Stop Revolving ~ And Start Evolving!!!

The Key is to Peacefully Surrender , Stand Tall as this Amazing Being of Love, and Keep Shining Your Light as You . I Am that I Am!

The Light is SHINING bright, and the Summers Sun is being turned up to a next degree of Energy. Those who trust the process, will never get burned, and they shall be imbued and invoked by the Intelligence of the Sun, and receive this New Energy of love and support.  It’s been a long haul and we’ve all worked so hard. The Energy of Old has been very tiresome, and some thought that they would never recover. But we did Recover , and we are Recuperating , and we are Realizing that this IS our time to Shine , and to be thankful for Who We Are .

We are the Earth Angels, Light Beings and Wayshowers who are choosing to embody the qualities of this living light, and to utilize it for our self and to all, so that this Living-Light can then be transferred into the Consciousness of all who behold this same Energy.  We have all met challenges in our past, we’ve learned to rise and conquer, forgive and let go. It is now our time to SHINE, and bring forth what we have, from who we are, and to gift our world and universe this same Light and Love.  You are a Peace Maker, and Peace truly begins with You .

The Divine Light Imbues us with this New Energy that the Summer Sun offers. It helps one to Surrender, Let Go and Flow with the Waters of the Tide. Changes have been occurring, and will continue to occur, and it is up to us to be at Peace, share our Kindness, and Smile everyday with an Attitude of Gratitude

Our Summer Garden is in Full Bloom and is filled with fruit bearing gifts for each one of us. It is up to you to reach for this fruit, and suckle the sweet and loving Energy it provides. It is life sustaining and holds the Nectar of Nature to help you continue to thrive. 

May the Light of the Divine be with you, enveloping you with its Warmth of Summer Pleasures and Rich Fruits that it provides. May your Heart be filled with continuous Hope that you shall live in Peace and Harmony. When you are overheated by the Fires of Life, allow yourself to be cooled off and refreshed in the living waters of love. May you Enjoy and Embrace this Summer’s Season and be Illuminated by the Light of the Divine Energy that it continues to bring. And So, It Is.

Motherly Blessings
Mary Martin 
Special Engagement ~
Lansing, Michigan

Sowing the Seeds of Summer

Full Moon Guided Meditation ~ Activation

I am so excited to be back in Lansing, Michigan to offer a Full Moon Guided Meditation-Activation at Coyote Wisdom . This amazing space has hosted many of our special events in the past. The Energy is so Incredible, and we hope you can Join us. 

Full Moon Meditations create a powerful energy that invokes New Light into the Embodiment's System, which creates and stimulates New Energy and Blessings to the individual and Soul Groups participating.

During this Full Moon Meditation-Activation , Mary will serve as a Guide and a Conduit to help bring forth the messages and energy for the Experience. As a Receiver and a Transmitter, she Intones Light Language as a Sacred Expression and a Co-Connection to the Higher Planes of our Existence.   
What:           Full Moon Guided Meditation-Activation

When:         Monday, July 15 th , 2019

Where:         Coyote Wisdom               
                       2338 N. Grand River Ave.
                       Lansing, Michigan 48906

Time:            6:30-7:30 p.m.

Cost:             $20.00 at the Door, Cash or Check (made out to Mary Martin) Thank You.
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Phone Readings in the Month of July
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If someone you trusted betrayed you by choice, don't cuddle up to the rejection or blame yourself. Why don't you pick yourself up and love yourself better?

This too, is by Choice.

~ Author Unknown

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