May 27-29 , 2020
6-7 Sivan, 5780
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are safe and healthy. 

Tonight is Shavuos - zman matan Torahseinu!

Sadly, we won’t be holding services in shul over the chag but I know you will daven heartily and enjoy cheesecake and all your delicious seudos with plentiful simchas yontif -  in the privacy and safety of your own home! 
CLICK for OS Zoom ID : 555 463 2567# - Password: 901728

Here are a few important announcements.

1. As previously noted, we are following the guidelines of the OU and the RCA by waiting at least two weeks since the official “opening up houses of worship” in New York City to allow regular minyanim at Ohav Sholom. 

We anticipate reopening and having minyan next Shabbos, June 6, 2020, Parshas Nasso. 

If you are interested, willing, and able to make minyan please email me immediately at rabbi@osnyc.org so as to determine availability in accommodating your request. 

I have appointed member Dr. Jose Fefer , a distinguished physician and infectious disease expert, to serve as our official COVID Gabbai . He will advise us on all matters virus and will assist with guidelines and protocols as we slowly reopen. Jose will be on hand for the shabbos minyan as well to ensure guidelines are strictly observed.

Look to your email for further instructions and more information.

2. Last night’s lecture by guest darshan Rabbi Mordechai Becher was a huge success! Thank you, Dr. Martin Epstein , for making these arrangements and to all who participated. The Rabbi spoke about the relationship between Torah, Creation, and Time, and we learned a lot! yasher koach to all. 

3. This past week, on Monday, Memorial Day, the Manhattan Jewish community enjoyed a communal leil tikkun shavuos with many rabbis delivering fifteen-minute segments of Torah thoughts on the holiday of Shavuos. It was a resounding success and a wonderful display of achdus in our community. Here is a link to the full recording. Download and enjoy! 

Hat tip: My drasha is at 10:30 pm! 


I am excited to announce that Ohav Sholom will feature our 2020 Annual Dinner in virtual/zoom form, very soon! Plans are being drawn up and we anticipate an exciting and inspiring evening filled with delicious food, tributes, songs, and good friends. Stay tuned!  

Please join me this evening at 6:00 pm for a special pre-Shavuos concert! 

We are once again grateful to my good friend Rabbi Benzion Scheinfeld and ensemble who will entertain and inspire us with songs dedicated to Hallel and niggunim about Torah! 

Please consider the prep time and voluminous effort these amateur musicians/singers put into these productions and remember, they are volunteering their valuable time for YOUR enjoyment pleasure!

So tune in and encourage these amazing simchad’ka yidden !

 Please don’t miss it!

Since yontif blends into shabbos, one must make an “eiruv tavshilin,” which allows one to prepare food this Friday (tomorrow) for shabbos consumption. Don’t forget to make one! You can find the instructions and text for the corresponding bracha in any siddur or machzor. 

We wait until tzeis hakochavim , nightfall, to daven maariv this evening, so as to fulfill the mitzvah of “ Temimim ,” a complete counting of the Omer. Nightfall tonight in Manhattan is 9:08 pm

Before yom tov, recite two blessings upon lighting candles, l’hadlik ner shel yom tov, and shechiyanu. 

Tomorrow night, leil Shabbos , recite l’hadlik ner shel shabbos v’yom tov, and shechiyanu . Also, light a Yizkor candle for each deceased loved one’s neshama. 

On the first day of Yom Tov, read “ Akdamus ,” a moving poem and serenade to the Torah, before reviewing the special Torah reading. 

On Shabbos kodesh, the second-day yontif , read Megilas Ruth before reviewing the special Torah reading of the day. If applicable, recite Yizkor and the Kel Malei Rachamim memorial prayer, before the Mussaf service. 

Do you need a Machzor from Ohav Sholom? Please email me at rabbi@osnyc.org or call me on my cell and I will direct you how to access the shul vestibule and retrieve your machzor for the holiday!

Have a wonderful Yom Tov and Shabbos!

See you in shul next week, 

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman
Erev yontiv and shabbos kodesh 5780  
YomTov & Shabbos Timetable
Thursday, Erev Shavuos
Candle Lighting: 8:00 PM
Mincha /KS 8:10 PM

Friday, Shavuos
Shacharis ( at home ) : 9:00 AM
Mincha /KS 7:40 PM
Candle Lighting: 8:01 PM

Shabbos Morning, Shavuos II
Shacharis ( at home ) : 9:00 AM 
Kiddush ( make your own )
Mincha ( at home ) : 8:00 PM
Maariv/ Shabbos Ends/
Make Havdalah:  9:10 PM
The next installment of the Ohav Sholom Book Club will be held Wednesday, June 17 at 7:30 PM .
The book is  BENEATH A SCARLET SKY  by Mark T. Sullivan . It is available on  Amazon  for a great price.
Discussion led by Etty Burk and Micah Bloomfield.
If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please send a message to  events@osnyc.org
Ohav Sholom | (212) 877-5850 | office@osnyc.org | www.osnyc.org