Dear TBC Community,

Unfortunately, I am writing today to tell you that swastikas have once again been found in one of our towns. From my conversations with my colleague, Rabbi David Reiner of Congregation Shir Shalom, and the Ridgefield Police Department, I have learned that swastikas and other crude drawings were found on several signs in the northern part of Ridgefield.  This vandalism is under investigation and has already been documented and removed by the police.

As always, my primary concern is for our safety, and I was reassured to hear from the Ridgefield PD that there is nothing that points to any kind of threat to our congregation or to any of our neighboring congregations.

In just over a week and a half we will come together as a community to welcome 5779, a new year and a new chapter for our congregation.  I will say to you candidly that one of my most fervent hopes is that we will be able to leave incidents like this in the pages of 5778.  

Chazak.  Chazak.  V'nitchazek.
Be strong.  Be strong.  And, let us strengthen one another.

Rabbi Rachel Bearman