Weekly Message from Sandy



Washington, D.C. March 12, 2011 -



We Cannot Let Foreign Law Supersede the Constitution


Last week I introduced legislation that would protect the misuse of foreign law in our federal courts. The bill simply states that "in any court created by or under Article III of the Constitution of the United States, no justice, judge, or other judicial official shall decide any issue in a case before that court in whole or in part on the authority of foreign law, except to the extent the Constitution or an Act of Congress requires the consideration of that foreign law."


In recent years, Supreme Court justices have interjected international law into their rulings, creating an environment of disregard for national sovereignty and threatening the institutions put in place by our forefathers. The purpose of this legislation is to protect and preserve the American judicial system. Overtime, Supreme Court Justices have used international law in their rulings, therefore establishing precedent future cases. Every case that cites foreign law allows for precedent to be set and our Constitution to be challenged and overrun.


My bill protects the integrity of our Constitution and U.S. laws by clarifying that our courts should follow and uphold the laws of the United States. American policy should be decided through the American policy-making process that was established in our Constitution and not by any other foreign court. Currently there are 53 co-sponsors to my bill and support is growing by the day.


To learn more about my stance on this issue, read my The Washington Times article or hear my recent America's Morning News interview.


Saving You Money


Saving tax payers from the mountains of debt that Washington has incurred from wasteful spending and encouraging job creation is one of my top priorities.


Yesterday, I voted on a bill that would save taxpayers another $1 billion. The bill saves taxpayers money by ending government programs that add uncertainty to an already fragile housing market and economy. This vote eliminated another wasteful government spending program that would have further crippled the economy.


The bill passed in the House and is one of many in a series to cut wasteful government spending in Washington and create an environment for private sector job creation. H.R. 836 end HUD's "Emergency Homeowners Relief Program". This program would cause taxpayers to lose 98 cents of every dollar spent, according to the Obama Administration's estimates. I assure you I will continue to find more ways to cut inefficient government programs in order to save you more money and create job growth.


Balancing the Budget


Over the years our nation has been running on a budget that has been creating a deficit that has brought dire consequences to our country. The United States government has been borrowing money at an unprecedented rate in order to pay for increased government spending and programs.


Recently, our national debt has surpassed $14 trillion and is growing by the day - this spending has led the nation into debt. Our country needs to run on a balanced budget, and that is why I have co-sponsored legislation to balance our budget. It is time that the Government learns to be efficient and responsible with our taxpayer's dollars. I assure you I will continue to work hard to hold our government responsible and accountable for its spending.


Looking Out for Florida Anglers


At a recent Science, Space and Technology Committee hearing I questioned Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), regarding federal fishing policies that could cost Florida jobs. I expressed Florida anglers' concerns and made sure she knew that the fishing ban could decimate a $13 billion industry and cost Florida fishermen their jobs. I also asked her why she and the NOAA continue to base their information off of flawed data. I will continue to stand up for Florida fishermen on this issue.

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