Dear Families,

It has been such a joy to be together for the past three days on campus. Thank you for your wonderful children.  Students and teachers are making those important connections with each other, as they build the bonds that lay the foundation for all learning - academic and personal. I hope most of you were able to make it to Parents' Night yesterday. If you were not able to join, please don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher to learn more about the event.

To recap the week for you:  
  • I shared enhanced protocols with faculty, providing more detailed insights on how to implement our policies in specific student situations (particularly when close contact may be required).
  • Faculty participated in an in-service training day on Tuesday, which included a review of these policies with our medical expert, Dr. Trey Dobson.  The question and answer sessions were robust, and the teaching cohorts appreciated time to work with each other as they got excitedly prepared to be back on campus.
  • Updated protocols are now posted on the website for families.  As you will see, we are clear that contact closer than 6 feet is allowed (with appropriate masking and other safety steps) when specific student needs require doing so.
  • New masks (for students in grades Beginner, PreK and K) have arrived and seem to be working so much better for our youngest. Shields for teachers have arrived to put on their desks for snack and lunch time, when we can't eat outside. Students are wearing face shields at snack and lunch when we can't be outside, until their portable desk shields arrive. The desk shields are on order and due in soon.
Recognizing that we are experiencing an unusual start to the school year, I have been making every effort to be timely and transparent in my communications.  Going forward, my intent is to regularly update the Family FAQ page on the website and provide periodic email updates.  However, I can assure you that any timely or critical communication will be shared via email. 

Thank you, again, for your partnership and for your fabulous children.

Enjoy your weekend,