Message from
Dr. Jan Irons Harris, Superintendent

Character Theme: KNOWLEDGE
Word of the Week: Accomplishment

May 4, 2020
Seven day meal delivery began last week. The 14 meals will be distributed on Wednesday by bus and from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at DES and DAVIS.
Our wonderful DCHS and Davis SNP Team is shown above working to provide meals for our students! Thanks to the volunteers, also!
Our wonderful SNP Staff (DES and DMS) is shown above working together to provide meals for our students!
More than 83,000 meals have been distributed to Dade County students (age 2-18) since the Quarantine Life began on March 16.
Lunchroom Managers Sharon Phillips and Pam Spurgin are creating clever ways to carry the lunch bags!
We are using our time wisely during the Quarantine. Team members are shown above cleaning out the Records Room.
Coach Rhonda Bradford (DAVIS) announces that Aubree and Richard are the Character Award winners for KNOWLEDGE.

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