Message from Bastrop Chamber of Commerce
The coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted daily routines and led to national, statewide and now countywide declarations of emergency. Events are changing rapidly and forcing widespread changes to our personal lives, plans and activities. The Bastrop Chamber of Commerce is no exception. 

Following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for “social distancing” and to slow the spread of the virus, the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce “lobby” will be closed to the public through March 27 but your Chamber Staff will remain onsite to answer phone calls, communicate the latest updates and post on our social media to keep our membership up-to-date.

Due to the Declaration of Disaster by Judge Paul Pape on Monday, March 16, our Chamber Board of Directors is being proactive and re-scheduling Chamber events through April 5. This coincides with Bastrop ISD’s current school closure schedule. Again, w e encourage you to follow our communications via our email blast, our website and social media channels about new dates for committee meetings, events, and other activities of the Chamber.

This Disaster Declaration has led to many questions and we want to offer some clarification. Based on the recommendation of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the  declaration prohibits “community gatherings” of more than 50 persons. We would define a community gathering as churches, parties or things like a Chamber Luncheon where you would have 6 people at a table and 30 tables in a room. In these type of situations, social distancing is hard to practice. Obviously, our citizens need to be able to get out and buy for their daily needs and we encourage you to do so without panic. Buy what you need and do not stockpile. Grocery store chains across the country are reassuring people that they are restocking shelves daily.

We understand the challenges this declaration will impose on our business community and want to offer some guidelines:
1.)     Wash your Hands – How many times did your mother say this?
2.)     Wipe down common surfaces in your business with disinfectant at least hourly.
3.)     Use a disinfectant on your hands between customers.
4.)     Set-up preventative cleaning stations for your customers.
5.)     Make sure public bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper, soap and paper towels.
6.)     Spray down shopping carts and baskets with disinfectant nightly.
7.)     Sanitize doorknobs, light switches, cabinets, office equipment like copy machines, phones, & keyboards.
8.)     Practice Social Distancing – that is hard for those of us from the South.
9.)     Stay calm and SHOP LOCAL!
10.)Most importantly, if you are sick or “think” you are getting sick, STAY HOME!

These are difficult times and uncharted waters but we must work together as a county and nation to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Know that your Chamber is working closely with local officials and your Office of Emergency Management to navigate these waters but we are Bastrop County Strong and we will make it through this disaster together!

Virtual Hugs,
Bastrop Chamber of Commerce