September 2, 2021
Dear Clergy Colleagues,
“When the storms of life are raging stand by me” wrote the Rev. Charles Albert Tindley, the great pastor and hymn writer. Today we pray for everyone who was in the path of Hurricane Ida from the Caribbean through the U.S.
The storm moved through our area yesterday and last night, and it caused severe flooding and wind damage, with some places reporting tornadoes. We pray that you, your family and congregation are alright. The director of National Disasters for UMCOR has been in contact with us about any support we may need and our disaster response leadership and superintendents are assessing damage and challenges. 

Please report to your superintendent any challenges and damages you, your church and community may have sustained and how we can support you during this time. If there has been damage, we encourage you to contact the insurance company.
I know there are many challenges you are facing already and storm damage adds further to the demands upon your leadership. We are grateful for all you do to lead the church and are here to support you. Your superintendent will be reporting any needs this afternoon, and we will assess how we can begin to work with you.
Keep the faith!

- John
Bishop John Schol
The United Methodists of
Greater New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania | 732-359-1010 | 610-666-1442
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