Message from CEO & President Richard Burke
This unprecedented health crisis presents challenges for all of us, personally and professionally. And I believe it’s important that we support one another during this time—within our communities of friends, families, neighborhoods and businesses. We need to work together to manage the spread and tragic effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Fallon Health has always been guided by its mission of making our communities healthy, and we’re doing everything we can to adapt quickly to the situation and be as effective as possible in our work.

Helping businesses and their employees
Since Fallon is an essential part of the health care system in the best of times, our work is even more essential when times are difficult. We’re striving to make it easier for Fallon members affected by COVID-19 to receive necessary and appropriate care with no cost-sharing while Massachusetts is under a state of emergency. We’re also waiving cost-sharing for all non-COVID-19-related medically necessary telehealth services for all members during this time period.

Later this month, we’ll be mailing all members more details about coverage changes, along with information about preventing the spread of COVID-19. Resources include our COVID-19 hotline: 1-877-835-8440 (TRS 711). Members with questions can call 24/7.

Fallon is making accommodations for businesses and employees that are negatively impacted by the crisis. In addition to providing open enrollment information virtually, we’ll also have staff available for outbound calls to prospects and members. Employers who continue to make their monthly premium payments can maintain health plan coverage for employees who are furloughed, have their work suspended, are laid off temporarily, take a reduction in salary, have had hours reduced or can’t work remotely. We’re working directly with businesses that are shut down or having employees quarantined or hospitalized.

Those are just some of the accommodations and changes happening. For the most complete and up-to-date information, please visit fallonhealth.org . Your Sales Executive can also provide you with assistance.

Helping in the community
Our mission of making our communities healthy always guides us at Fallon. It’s become more important in light of how deeply the coronavirus crisis is affecting people all over. To help, we’re providing support to the “Worcester Together” fund, which addresses immediate basic needs and long-term local relief efforts. And we’re offering mini-grants to organizations that support food insecurity response efforts as well as senior isolation and support services.

Supporting employees
As an essential health care business, we’re doing all we can to protect our workforce. The vast majority of our employees are working remotely, and we’re taking precautions to ensure the safety of those whose work requires their physical presence.

Our staff remains dedicated to the health and well-being of our members and the communities we serve. Their ongoing contributions ensure that Fallon is and will remain fully operational and continue to serve your needs—and the needs of all those we work with and for.

The next steps …
As you know, this situation has been changing quickly and often. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But I do know that Fallon will keep taking steps to help prevent the spread of this virus. We appreciate your partnership and patience as we work together to provide care and coverage to all of our members—and as we look ahead together to the better days that I know are coming.

Please continue to connect and communicate with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, while maintaining the physical distance that is so necessary now. Keeping those bonds strong and healthy will help us make the most of each day and help us continue to move forward together.

Richard Burke
President and CEO
In case you missed it …
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