2019 Board Update
The CMS board has had a busy start to the year.

Here are three things we've been up to lately:
We are working on a strategic work program and will keep you posted as it develops. 
We are advocating for initiatives in the state legislature related to Dispute Resolution Center support.
We elected the following new board officers
We’re excited for the new year and to see what CMS can do in 2019!
Jenna Kay
Board President

Jenna is a land use planner for Clark county. She was initially introduced to mediation through work in the education and juvenile justice sectors and was immediately a fan of mediation’s collaborative and practical approach to resolving disputes. Jenna has also worked as a mediator in the policy and planning fields.
Steven Kang
Vice President

Steven owns and operates a small business consulting company that serves Clark County. He has been a volunteer mediator for over 10 years with Community Mediation Services.
Enrico Tadeo

Enrico is a mediator and a general practice attorney. He works with immigration cases, wills, trusts, probate and small business concerns. Enrico is a certified mediator and mentor with CMS.
Leslie Chapman

Leslie is currently the Human Resource Manager at Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency. Has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science with a Certificate in Human Resource Management from Washington State University. Alumni of Leadership Clark County 2017. I am excited to be part of the Board for Community Mediation Services!
Amanda Jordan-Brainard
Amanda comes to CMS with over 15 years of mediation experience. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology from University of North Carolina Wilmington. Amanda left her mediation career as the Family Mediation Services Director of a non-profit mediation center in North Carolina. Amanda is now utilizing her communication skills as the owner of Backyard Bird Shops.
Katy Myers

Katy has been in Public Safety Communications for over 25 years working through the ranks as a call taker/dispatcher to 9-1-1 Operations Division manager for Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA).  
Rick Barrier

Professional Mediator for 20 years and long time volunteer for Community Mediation Services.
Vicky Ridge Cooney
Former President

Vicky Ridge-Cooney, Ph.D. facilitates collaborative decision making in public policy development, natural resources management, environmental protection, foreclosure, and neighborhood, work place, and family relationships. 
Savenia Falquist
Executive Director

Savenia has over 20 years of dedicated service to addressing and preventing violence in both urban and rural communities. Her expertise is in working for organizations to provide healthy work environments that support high standard services to communities. In 2007, she was honored with the FBI Director’s Community Award.
Michelle Jackson
VISTA Program Coordinator

Michelle is working for CMS as a Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) through AmeriCorp. Her year commitment of service focuses on capacity building through volunteer management, outreach and partnership building. Michelle is a certified mediator and has served communities throughout Washington for over 14 years.
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