Global Rainforest Heritage
Re: Global Rainforest Heritage

Dear Global Warming Initiative Friends,

As I was meditating on our greenhouse gas dilemma, I considered a new perspective of not only removing CO2 with the power of consciousness, but increasing the O2 levels as well, since the major danger to our future life on this planet is the ever-decreasing O2 levels, which are already causing so much human suffering. The idea that came to me was the need to preserve the precious rainforests around the world that supply much of our O2. As you know, they are being destroyed at massive levels in order to grow crops that will not sustain our future.

Please use your powerful consciousness to endeavor Global organizations, governments, activist groups, environmentalists, and communities to create Global Rainforest Heritage sites to protect and stop further destruction of the rainforests. The idea is not to take away from farmers and growers, but to educate them to use their skills to increase the rainforests and to give them incentive to do so with fair compensation through governmental, corporate and private funding channels.

This Global Rainforest Heritage solution is holographic in nature and gives us the possibility of resolving our planetary environmental problems from a positive and more enlightened perspective.
I send you my Support & Deep Respect,
Chris Griscom