Dear Global Initiative Friends,

Again, let us thank you for joining this most powerful Global Warming Initiative!
As for any vision or goal, it is important to imagine it as if it has already happened, and practice taking the conscious steps to bring it into manifestation.  We will be sending you suggestions to "warm up" our consciousness by practicing mental exercises that help us to focus our intentions.  
Imagine that you are looking up at beautiful skies with no pollution.  If your area needs rain, imagine rain clouds bending down to give the moisture to the earth.  If you need more sun, simply see it in your mind's eye and imagine its warmth touching you.  Keep bringing your awareness back to it until it happens.  Remember that the laws of energy are the same for manifestation as they are for de-manifestation.
Know that you have the right to work in tandem with nature.

A useful exercise in consciousness that we played as children was the "puffing of clouds."  Choose a small cloud that seems stationary.  Imagine that you are sending a laser beam to dissolve it.  Keep focused on it until it disappears.

Changing the world can be fun and rewarding.  We all wish in our hearts to belong to a greater whole.  This initiative will help us to experience the power of a new kind of cooperation and collective consciousness between ourselves and the natural world.

Great Love and Respect
Chris Griscom