A Message from Christian+
Dear Friends in Christ,

I hope you are staying safe, staying home and also finding time to pray for those in need, our community, our medical professionals, our government officials and all those in need of God's illuminating and healing grace. Certainly, I invite your prayers for those suffering from the Virus, especially those in hospitals and also those dying throughout the world.  

I'm hoping you might take twenty minutes to view and pray with this Facebook Live message from this morning. This prayer is from our Book of Common Prayer. All the prayers are being saved and can be accessed at any time through our website at www.stmarksgr.org and Facebook.

In today's Morning Prayer: I call your attention to the prayer for the pandemic which I believe is very powerful. Please, feel free to share the video link below and also to consider joining me weekdays at 10:00 and 5:00 and on Sundays at 10:30 through Facebook.

I invite you to call your neighbors and fellow parishioners to stay in touch with them, to offer a friendly "hello" and to simply let them know that you are thinking about them. What a wonderful and life-giving way to stay connected during these days of isolation and staying safe at home.

If there are particular prayer intentions you wish to commend to your clergy and/or our Prayer Ministry Team, please, let me or one of us know that we might keep your intention in our prayers. I especially invite you to pray for Becky, Bill, Tom and Heidi and all those on our Prayer List.  

Also attached, please find At-Home Prayer Resources for you which I hope will be helpful.

Please, stay tuned for a day and time for a Zoom discussion on Sunday's Gospel passage, an interactive way of staying connected and even seeing one another. Am working on that today.  

May God keep you and all those you love safe and healthy this day and in the future. Please, pray with me when you can and continue to pray for an end to the virus pandemic.



St. Mark's Episcopal Church
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