To our Chamber members and community:

While we are living in uncertain times and the world we live in seems to be changing by the hour, it is now more important than any recent times that we come together and support one another. There are several ways in which we can all make a difference: support our local small businesses when making your purchases whenever possible. Small business is the backbone of any local retail economy. They are often the first to volunteer in times  of need, and today they need our help. These businesses are made up of people like you and me. They have families that count on them for support. Check on your family, neighbors, especially our senior citizens and those with physical limitations.

Many are losing their jobs. Restaurants have had to limit their services and can no longer afford to keep all employees. Travel, both business and pleasure, is almost nonexistent, so our hotels are having to reduce staff. There isn't a business or profession that is not being affected. We all live together. We work together. We worship together. While there are no quick solutions we will survive this downturn. We always do.

Yes, we all will experience changes in our lives for some time to come. Even in these most challenging of times we are so blessed to live in such a strong and free nation. May we never lose sight of that blessing, and remember to thank God for it.

David M. Farris
Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce