Dear Lovejoy Families,
Thanks for your continued patience during unprecedented times. We have been taking steps this week with purpose. This week we are focusing on teacher learning, next week we are ensuring kids have devices and doing off-line learning (no grades), and then we will be going to online learning, and you will see an increase in assignments with grading. We have tried to simplify the process and make it family-friendly.

We are being purposeful and thoughtful towards our families to ensure a solid foundation as we start our at-home learning journey.

We are excited to launch our Leaping into @Home Learning website that we hope will serve as a one-stop-shop to help streamline learning information and resources.

This site will provide:
  • An overview of our at-home learning timeline
  • At-home learning expectations for students, and parents 
  • Resources for staff, students and parents
  • Learning experiences and sample schedules for students by grade level that will be updated each Monday by 9 am. The files currently on the site are to serve as a sample only of what parents may expect starting this Monday morning.
  • Resources for helping our students and families navigate safe and healthy learning environments (COVID-19 resources and online-learning resources)

Please know this is being continually updated and we will ensure learning experiences for PK-12 students are updated by Monday at 9 am. In addition, learning experiences will be loaded by teachers into SeeSaw (PK-3) and Google Classroom (4-12) each Monday at 9 am for students to access. Parents will have the ability to view plans through SeeSaw and Google parent digest and can set the frequency of information they would like to receive from these resources. 

Next week, our teachers will be sharing learning experiences for the week and connecting with students in low-tech ways while we work to ensure all of our students have the technology resources they need for the coming weeks. Principals sent a link to a technology resource survey last night. If you have not had a chance to complete this form, we ask you to complete it by 5 pm on Friday so we can ensure we have the resources your family needs. We are currently working on a drive-through technology pick up schedule that will be shared with you this Friday, 

We look forward to connecting with our students next week.

We are One Heart. One Lovejoy!

Michael Goddard, Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools
Lovejoy Independent School District