St. James Cathedral Bulletin | March 12, 2020
Dear friends,
At this time of my life, I tend to think that I’ve experienced just about everything. But the whole developing series of events around the Coronavirus has put the lie to that. Governor Inslee’s proclamation seriously restricting public gatherings is a first, and it points to the seriousness of what we are experiencing as a society. The prohibition regarding public gatherings obviously applies to us and to our celebrations of Mass. But I hope we will also be able to see it as a call to prayer – prayer for everyone who has been adversely affected by the virus, especially, of course, those who have lost life and their loved ones who are mourning them; but also a call to prayer for all who are ill because of the virus, and a call to prayer, too, for everyone in the medical profession, doctors and nurses, who are caring for the sick, and for those in the scientific community whose fields are especially important at this time.
And while we will not be able to come together to celebrate the Eucharist for a time, I hope this very deprivation will deepen our hunger for God, for Jesus, and strengthen our bonds of love for each other in the community of faith. The Gospel reading for this Sunday is from the fourth chapter of St. John’s Gospel. It tells the familiar and beautiful story of the encounter of Jesus with the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s well. The woman came to draw water, but in her conversation with Jesus, he revealed himself to her as the living water, the one who satisfies the deepest longings and thirsts of the human heart. My prayer is that our being deprived of the Eucharist for a time will deepen our thirst for Christ, the living water, the Bread of Life. That would turn this dark and difficult moment into a real grace.
My friends, we have much to pray for, don’t we? Please be assured that you are very much in my prayers during these difficult and challenging days.
Father Ryan
Audio of Father Ryan's message
Suspension of Masses and other activities
All Masses and all ordinary parish gatherings have been suspended until further notice.

Please be aware that our ministries which most directly impact our homeless brothers and sisters--the Cathedral Kitchen and the Winter Shelter--will continue to operate, with changes made for the safety of both volunteers and guests.

While we are not celebrating liturgies, the Cathedral will remain open for prayer daily, 7:30am-6:00pm, and Sunday 7:00am-7:00pm. Feel free to stop in for a visit, say a prayer, or light a candle. Ample parking is available every day at O'Dea High School.

On Sunday morning at 10:00am, Archbishop Etienne will livestream Mass for the whole Archdiocese. We will share details about how to access that livestream as soon as we have them.

In addition, throughout this time, we will share prayer resources and other information, so stay tuned!

Archbishop Etienne invites us all to join in praying to Our Lady of Seattle during the pandemic
Holy Mary, we come before you as spiritual children in great need, seeking your intercession, and asking that your mantle of love surround us to console, protect and lead us to your son Jesus.
We entrust all of God’s family, especially the Church in Western Washington into your Immaculate hands. With your Son Jesus’ gentle power you can undo any knot in our Church, and in the lives of believers who entrust themselves to your care.
Today I especially entrust to you [ mention request here/Coronavirus ], and I ask that – through your intercession, and that of Saint James, our Guardian Angels, and the faithful in our diocese – we may be free from every spiritual and temporal ill, and be safely led to encounter your Son’s Merciful, Sacred Heart.
Our Lady of Seattle, Undoer of Knots, pray for us!​

Pray as you go
This is a wonderful resource from the Jesuits of Ireland, ideal for daily prayer if you are homebound during the coronavirus outbreak (or anytime!). It includes the readings of the day and a short meditation. Listen online or find Pray as You Go on your podcast app.

Our Lent Bible Study series is going online!
Instead of meeting in person on the Mondays of Lent, our Lent series is going online with materials prepared by presenter Ron Ryan, D.Min. Please join others in reading and reflecting on the wonderful Gospels of these Lenten Sundays.

In case you missed it
The Flu Epidemic of 1918
How did Seattle handle the epidemic of Spanish Flu back in 1918?

In case you had to miss Mass last weekend...
Because so many were unable to attend Mass this weekend, the full audio of the 10:00am Mass is available here. We will continue to make the audio available each Sunday during the outbreak so that we can continue to pray as a community during this anxious time.

Holy Ground #6: Blanchet a Bishop
Father F. N. Blanchet was certain of two things: that the Oregon country needed a bishop, and that he was not the right person for the job. In his view, the failure of the California missions was attributable to a lack of bishops (a questionable reading of history, at best!) and thus the Church would not thrive in Oregon without a resident bishop. In urging his case to Archbishop Signay of Quebec, Blanchet also made it clear that he did not consider himself a candidate. “I am already old,” he wrote (Blanchet was 44 at the time). “My powers diminish; I am slow at business and it is only by close application that I arrive at a knowledge of anything; I have a treacherous memory; my vigor is gone; I do not know English; I have never had a time to study due to the demands of the ministry where I have always been busy.”

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