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of the Resurrection
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Dear sisters, brothers and friends of Resurrection Episcopal Church:

Words barely express the deep gratitude and thanksgiving I feel for all of you who prayed for my healing and wellness over the last several days.

When I broke my foot and required surgery I was prescribed a "sulfa" based antibiotic to cover any infection that may have occurred from the surgery and during my recovery.  I am allergic to sulfa and it sent my body into a real metabolic "tail-spin".  Wednesday of last week I spiked a fever over 103 F that would only return after treating it.  I got very weak and finally ended up in St. Luke's Hospital-East where it took 4 days to wash the bad medicine out  of my system while pouring the good medicine in, along with a lot of fluid into my system.  Slowly I have returned to "near" normal, still a bit weak, but no fever, eating well and getting better rest. 

Your visits, cards, gifts and most of all best wishes and prayers have been dearly appreciated and I know they have aided in my quick recovery. I will never underestimate the power of prayer through our redeemer Christ.  Thank you and bless you.

I ask that you continue your prayers for me and Debbie, and especially for others who remain in need for recovery, reparation and sustenance.  I love you all very much!

With all my heart, 

Fr. David +