October 13, 2020

Dear Levine Parents & Grandparents,

We thank all of our viewers for joining this morning's Live Levine Update. We compiled all of the questions of general interest submitted to the Q&A feature and will answer those in this communication.

For those of you who were unable to join us, click below to view the recording.

HOS Campus COVID Update 10 13 Zoom Recording 

Here is a run-through of the general interest questions submitted, along with our responses:
  1. What was the source of the statistics that were shared?All of the statistics presented in today's Zoom meeting, and much more, are available on the Dallas County Health and Human Services website. The current data charts are available HERE.
  2. If there is a positive case at the school or a case within a family ... will we all be notified immediately?
    If a student or employee tests positive, contact tracing will ensue immediately. All students and staff who must quarantine will be called first, and then the entire school will be notified of the matter, identifying only the grade level that will initiate quarantine and the date that quarantine is initiated. If a family member of a Levine student tests positive, we would only notify the families of those Levine students who were determined to be exposed to that individual.
  3. What communication or plans will go in place over Thanksgiving or over Winter Break?The admin team is currently discussing our communication strategy for Thanksgiving and Winter Break. We intend to communicate well in advance to our families about safe practices and our school's expectations. Our next Live Levine Update presentation will include this topic on its agenda.
  4. Are there plans for opening up the cohorts in the lower school so that the classes can be together?Currently there are no near-term plans to opening up the cohorts in any of our school's divisions. At a minimum, we would want to see improvement in the Dallas County coronavirus risk level (currently at Orange, or moderate risk) before considering any changes to our cohort strategy.
  5. What can we do to support our teachers who are doing an incredible job? Great question. Here are a few ideas: Be kind to them. Say nice things. Be understanding and empathetic. Contact the PA to learn about their ongoing acts of kindness to teachers plus small favors and learn how you can help. Look in this week's Thursday eNews to learn about our COVID special emergency fund that is raising dollars to support our teachers in a variety of ways.

Our next LIVE Levine Update is scheduled to take place on
Tuesday, November 10, at 8:00pm