March 18, 2020
22 Adar 5780
Dear Levine Families,

School closure is not what any of us wants. These are times that will be very frustrating, scary, demoralizing, bewildering, uncertain.

Nobody wants long indoor periods; nobody wants to give up day-to-day freedoms -- this is all new stuff, for all of us. Having a healthy, unsick child at home all day long on a weekday is new. Having to monitor, guide, encourage, home-school, and keep our children on their academic tasks at the kitchen table -- it's all new.

Here are a few articles to help in establishing new routines at home.

Additionally, Levine-At-Home is new, too.

It is also new for our teachers. Our teachers have been working very hard to get ready for this brand new venture. It is a brand new venture for hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country, and for millions of teachers all over the world. Indeed, it is a brand new reality for all of us.

Teachers, everywhere, have had to activate this new reality immediately, with stunning turn-on-a-dime speed. This is not easy stuff. No K-12 school has been down this road before-nobody.

Only one thing is certain: We'll get through this period of school closure in the best way that is possible, as parents, please remain calm, stay collected, have patience, show empathy, practice resilience, expect problems, be respectful, exhibit kindness, and model goodness, for our children and for positive relationship-building with our teachers.

We will continue to work out the kinks, respond to your questions, and guide you and your children however we can.

If we all remain in this together and support each other, we will emerge together with our Levine community brighter, smarter, and stronger.


Tom Elieff 
Head of School