March 20, 2020
24 Adar 5780
Dear Levine Families,
My letter today will impart some new and important information about our school closure timetable, but I wanted to express to everyone up front how proud and impressed I am at the resilience and resolve of our entire learning community during this initial week of Levine-At-Home. It has been an extraordinary transition, with students and parents and teachers stepping up to this new reality with a venturesome spirit, and with a fervent and shared faith that our mission must move forward.
This morning, I must share news from our Governor's office regarding his closure announcement pertaining to all schools in Texas, public and private. The Governor announced on Thursday that all schools must remain closed through Friday, April 3, and this time-frame may still be extended from that date. Because we must abide by this order and hold to our Passover holiday calendar dates, Levine will remain closed through Sunday, April 19. We will communicate our status regarding reopening school on Monday, April 20 early in the week of April 13.
As we head into our Shabbat of peace and tranquility, we are restoring our purpose with this week's parshat, Vayakhel-Pekudei, whereby Moses reminds his people to honor Shabbat while his people donate all the precious materials and begin building the Mishkan. All of us in our Levine community -- parents, teachers, directors, principals, and students -- are contributing, piecing together, and indeed making a sacrifice in order to realize our own "Mishkan," our mission to continue our educational and Jewish strengthening.
I want to thank, profusely and enthusiastically, our parents and teachers. These are the leading constituencies in our school, who are truly a force of unity, attempting a new partnership like never before, enduring social distancing for the first time, while navigating the upheaval in all of our lives.
I thank all of you for your communications this week -- your accolades, your concerns, your suggestions, your understanding. Our school's strength, and the continued growth and development of our children, depends on this vital mutual support.

Peace and health,

Tom Elieff 
Head of School



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