Dear friends & neighbors:
In April of each year, the new Mayor of Rancho Mirage is appointed based upon the longest term of consecutive service on the City Council without having served as Mayor. On April 15, 2021, I was honored for the second time to become Mayor of this great city.
I am proud to begin my term as Mayor on the heels of the overwhelming re-election of both myself and Council Member Richard Kite. This election was important in the effort to protect the values and ambiance of our city. The 92270 zip code represents value and a special cachet that attracts residents, business, hotels, and resorts desirous of being in such a prestigious area. Rancho Mirage continues to earn the reputation of being an extremely well managed city; and the continuity of an experienced and dedicated council is paramount to maintaining that stature.
I look forward to serving the residents of Rancho Mirage in my role as Mayor. My sole objective is to make decisions that benefit our residents and business interests. Rancho Mirage is financially strong. The City has no outstanding debt, and our general fund holds a reserve equal to two years’ operating budget, sufficient resources for capital improvements, and provisions for addressing community needs in the event of an emergency. This past year 2020 is an example of how your city not only survived the most radical and unexpected event in our history but did not reduce services to our residents or furlough staff. It is imperative that the financial condition of our city is protected.
Because 50% of the City’s revenues are derived from sales tax and TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax), a large part of my focus will be on continued economic development. The City Council has thoughtfully positioned Rancho Mirage to be the bull’s eye of future growth in the desert. Rest assured, the process for approving any development will represent the quality and brand associated with our city.

I look forward to updating you throughout the coming year on the many exciting things happening in Rancho Mirage such as:
Section 31
Breaking ground on Section 31, the 618 acres between Bob Hope and Monterey, and Gerald Ford and Frank Sinatra drives.
This will be the largest development in the history of Rancho Mirage consisting of 1932 resident homes, 400 hotel rooms, a commercial center and highlighted by a 34-acre crystal lagoon with both public and private beach facilities.
Porcupine Creek Retreat
Porcupine Creek Retreat, a 6-star luxury spa/golf facility on 191 acres being developed by Larry Ellison and will attract an international clientele.
Del Webb Rancho Mirage
Continuation of the highly successful Del Webb Rancho Mirage, the premier 55+ active adult community consisting of 1,026 homes,
50% sold to date.
Wolfson Park Expansion
Wolfson Park, located at Frank Sinatra & Da Vall Drives, offers spectacular views of the Santa Rosa mountains, a walking path around the park and direct access to the Butler-Abrams trail

The City is considering an expansion of the park to include additional sidewalks, amenities and onsite parking. 
Signal Synchronization
40 intersections throughout the City have been updated with new traffic control equipment. Highway 111, Bob Hope and Monterey Avenue are all utilizing signal synchronization technology to make city traffic flow better.
Active Transportation Improvements
The City has over 40 miles of class II bike lanes and almost 40 miles of sidewalks, new projects continue to add to those numbers.
Thank you for your time. Please share your ideas, suggestions, or comments by emailing me at

My very best wishes,
Mayor Ted Weill