Nassan’s Place would like to thank all the dedicated, compassionate and caring educators for all they have done and continue to do for our special needs children and families.

I especially want to thank all of the teachers, paras, CST, the food service workers, custodians, office workers, case managers, support staff, therapists and all the unsung heroes and sheros we rarely recognize and appreciate who are the ones on the frontline making a difference in the lives of our special needs children in the education world.
A very special “Thank You” to DaJuan’s special education teacher, Kathryn Garafano at 13th Avenue Street School in Newark for going above and beyond for one of our kids, Dajuan who is on the Autism Spectrum.

She is teaching him via videochatting to ensure his daily routine would not be totally interrupted which can be very challenging for a child with Autism.

Thank you, Kathryn Garafano and the countless other teachers, like Ms. Garafano for going above and beyond and for being a phenomenal example to follow as we all go through this unpreceded health issue plaguing our country and the world.

Photos includes DaJuan video chatting with his special education teacher, Kathryn Garafano and pictured with his mother, Tracy Russ

Check out the video below.