A message from OMSSA’s President and Executive Director:

Ontario’s human services sector has a critical role to play in responding to the impacts of COVID-19 in each and every community across the province.

In addition to health care and public health professionals, Ontario’s Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM) and District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) staff are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, working quickly, diligently and compassionately to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals in their communities are safe, secure and supported.

OMSSA would like to thank and recognize Ontario’s human services staff who are going above and beyond to support their communities during this difficult time, including:

  • The Ontario Works administrators, caseworkers and staff working quickly to respond to increased case loads, implement new COVID-19 funding initiatives and ensure that emergency income support is available to those most in need

  • The community housing administrators, staff and housing providers working to facilitate social distancing, provide increased cleaning and sanitation, and keep their tenants and communities safe

  • The homelessness services professionals working to set up and administer shelters, isolation centres and accommodations to keep homeless populations safe

  • The child care administrators, staff and providers working to ensure that emergency child care options are available to front-line and essential workers

  • The Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) who are returning to work to ensure that health care and front-line workers can continue to do their jobs

  • The CMSM and DSSAB staff who have taken on new responsibilities in new areas, showing flexibility and dedication to their communities

Ontario’s CMSM and DSSAB staff are doing an incredible job, working around the clock to ensure that financial supports, housing and homelessness supports and emergency child care are there for those who need it most.

They are doing this with great speed, dedication and care, all while juggling the equally important work of helping their children, partners, parents, grandparents and neighbours stay healthy and safe.

We’d also like to acknowledge our Leadership Table for overseeing these efforts in their communities and for providing leadership to identify priority areas and gaps in our ongoing discussions with the Province. Our members know their communities best and are working hard to advocate for Ontario’s most vulnerable.

Please know that the work of Ontario’s CMSMs and DSSABs is being recognized and acknowledged by OMSSA and provincial ministries in our daily discussions on COVID-19.

OMSSA is consistently impressed by our members’ dedication and ability to pull together to support their communities in the face of such unprecedented challenges. Our top priority is to support our members in responding to this crisis, and you can learn more about how we’re doing that here on our website .

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional ideas or feedback on how we’re working to support you, and please know that your efforts and dedication are seen, valued, appreciated, and truly impressive.

Doug Ball
Executive Director
Dan McCormick