Update on Whole Person Care Program

On Monday, PPOA was made aware that the grant funding for the Whole Person Care program was not being renewed for the coming year. 

This State of California funding source has been year-to-year since 2016, and the Department of Health Services is no longer applying it for that purpose. PPOA immediately asked for a meet and confer to address this situation. 

Today, myself along with PPOA President Tab Rhodes, Executive Director Wayne Quint and Senior Labor Representative Venise Wallace met with department supervisors and Employees Relations to go over the details. 

The purpose of this meeting was to protect members’ rights and to make sure they are treated fairly during this process. PPOA confirmed that all affected “on-loan” employees would return to their original unit of assignment and retain their unit seniority. PPOA also reserved its right to discuss any potential return to the Whole Person Care program should the grant be reinstated. 

We will continue to monitor this development and discuss any matters with the department directly related to the affected personnel. 

Your patience and professionalism is appreciated during this transition. If you have any questions, please send an email with your name and employee number to info@ppoa.com.


Tony Coleman
PPOA 2nd Vice President
LASD Custody Assistant