Parshas Tazria-Metzora
April 16-17, 2021
5 Iyar, 5781
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

It was encouraging to see the many members and friends returning to shul after a year of Covid - eagerly attending daily, shabbos, and yom tov services. I encourage our entire kehillah to do the same. 

Obviously, we are following strict CDC guidelines and taking all necessary precautions, as per our Covid committee, including mask-wearing and social distancing.

All New Yorkers over the age of 16 are now eligible for the vaccine and I hope you get it. It’s a MITZVAH to get the vaccine! I got it and I feel great, Baruch Hashem! 

Thanks to our SUPER GALA hot kiddush sponsors this shabbos: Heshy Broyde and Rebecca Frankel

Rebecca Frankel is sponsoring in memory of her distinguished maternal grandfather, 
Rav Yisroel Aryeh Lev ben HaRav Baruch, z”l.  

Heshy Broyde is sponsoring in memory of his dear mother, Sarah Golda bas Yisroel Chaim, a”h

May both neshamos enjoy a big aliyah in Gan Eden! Amen.

Hot kiddush is back at Ohav Sholom! Our beautiful outdoor venue is gastronomically complete with cholent, kugel, meatballs, rugelach and more

Please join us in this important weekly social function, which is conducted in a safe and secure fashion. 

We wish a hearty mazel tov to Shlomo Mehlman upon turning thirteen years old and Bar Mitzvah! 

For better or worse, Shlomo is now part of THE TRIBE! 

Shlomo was called to the Torah this morning in his first Aliyah and he did a marvelous job. 

We look forward to a (subdued) Bar Mitzvah (Covid-style) celebration at Ohav Sholom on Parshas Emor, on May 1st, and iy”h, a community-wide celebration post-summer, post-Covid (G-d willing!) Grand Indoor Kiddush, in Elul, September.  

Live from Lakewood, New Jersey... it’s Yoel Shapiro! 

Taking a rare break from the OS infamous Kiddush Club, Yoel will be delivering an outstanding sermon this Shabbos morning on a wide range of subjects, too numerous and too disturbing, to list in this publication. 

Come early, grab a seat, and get truly inspired by the beautiful tefillah and Torah this shabbos!
Are you a MEMBER yet? If not, please join us!

We need YOUR participation to make this coming year an amazing period of renewal and growth for klal yisroel and our kehillah. We have a lot planned but need to partner with YOU to make it happen. 

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Have a wonderful shabbos!

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman 
מרא דאתרא קנג. אוהב שׁלום

Erev shabbos kodesh parshas Tazria-Metzora 5781
Shabbos Timetable
Friday, Erev Shabbos
Daf Yomi 6:45 AM
Shacharis 7:25 AM
Guest Darshan
Candle Lighting 7:18 PM
Mincha / KS 7:25 PM
19th Day of the Omer

Saturday, Shabbos
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Kiddush 11:00 AM
Mincha 7:10 PM
(Daf Yomi )
Maariv 8:21 PM/Havdala/end of Shabbos
20th Day of the Omer

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