Tuesday, March 17, 2020

From Rev. Terasa

I admit to being tired of hearing over and over again that we are in unprecedented times! And we are! 

I am someone who is pretty flexible and capable of making changes big and small, but often my tolerance for change requires knowing some parameters of what will be happening. And in this case, we don’t know!

We would love to give you a firm date for when we know we can come back together in person, but at this point we will be following the Arlington school schedule as a marker. We will revisit this in early April but know that for the next few weeks we will be continuing to do church virtually. 

I am so impressed by the way that we have all pulled together and are extending to one another some patience and grace. The staff are being incredibly creative at coming up with ideas for how we can connect spiritually and you will see a wonderful schedule of offerings to be debuted next week. 

Our service this Sunday will be live-streamed at 10:15 am (one service only) and will still include an opportunity for you to ask me questions about UUism, religion, life in these unprecedented times, whatever may be on your mind and heart. You may send me these in advance at tcooley@uucava.org or you can submit them live on Facebook during the service. 

Please do let us know if you are in need of support of some kind. We have a wonderful group of volunteers who will be reaching out. 

One of the things I always say about UUCA is that this is a church that shows up. You always step forward to help and volunteer and be present more so than any other church I’ve served. Now we are called to show up in new and different ways, and I have faith that we all will continue to do so with love and kindness. 

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